Workshop: Inglot x Mikki Galang part 1

First workshop I attended this year! This is also the fifth I’ve ever been to, if memory serves correctly. How many times could you possibly learn and re-learn makeup techniques? Basic makeup application skill is fairly easy to develop, but getting the dirt on trends and advanced techniques is what gets me to sign up for workshop after workshop. It’s also a plus to discover a new brand and see just what it can do. This latest one was conducted by the fab Mikki Galang at SM Megamall for Polish brand, Inglot.

Mikki introduced by one of Inglot’s resident makeup artists

As per usual, instead of talking about the looks per se, I’d rather share the tips I picked up at the event. This post will be divided into two parts, because I’m going to do a great deal of expounding. Bear with me, friends, and let’s get it started:

1. Play with monochromatic colors, because they’re anything but boring.

Monochromatic love

We’re not just talking about grays and blacks here. Work with pinks, purples, blues, and greens! The different intensities of the same color lead to tricks in contouring, so make that work in your favor.

By the way, I love that Inglot’s Freedom System Rainbow Eye Shadow is a tiny, travel-friendly pan that packs the punch of three colors. I’m tempted to skip the palette case and just get that awesome pan. (Eeek… Don’t judge me!)

2. Start with the darkest color on your monochromatic palette and work your way to the lightest.

Three different pinks used from darkest to lightest (and a nude lip) made this look happen

I was surprised to hear this from Mikki, but it actually made a lot of sense once she explained it. As someone who has always used shadows from the order of light (base) — medium (contour/blend) — dark (definition), it was a totally new concept to see her start with the dark shade to contour, the medium to soften, and the light to blend. That way, the lines from the contouring look softer at the end, as opposed to looking like a harsh line.

3. Work that color wheel.

I’m not the artistic sort, so I’ve always wondered how people choose what colors to put together in their shadows. Obviously, I suck at color theory, so I’m thankful Mikki took the time to explain this. To find out what combination works, put together either supplementary colors (next to each other on the color wheel) or complimentary colors (opposites on the wheel).

4. Colored mascara adds oomph!

Inglot Color Play Mascara

Give your colored eye shadow a boost, by choosing a mascara in the same color. However, Mikki specifically instructed to choose a mascara color that’s not too close to the shadow and/or liner, so that it doesn’t look like cartoon eyes. Think navy mascara for blue shadow.

I’ve tried blue mascara before in my teens, and I liked how it looked. The smudge-magnet formula didn’t agree with me though, so I had to stop. Thinking of giving it a second try, but I have to find a worthy formula first!

5. Line one or the other, but never both at the same time.

Kate Middleton is a goddess, and I don’t even care what they say about her supposed scouse brow. If there’s just one thing that isn’t so perfect about her, it’s the all-over eyeliner I’m not 100% on-board with. Perhaps it’s the noticeably bare waterline that’s further emphasized by the liner on the lower lashline, so either get that part all the way or just leave it blank. IMHO, I vote to save time and leave it blank or opt for a cream-colored liner! As for Mikki, lining both upper and lower lashline starkly can make the eyes look too round, so best to avoid it.

To Be Continued…


9 thoughts on “Workshop: Inglot x Mikki Galang part 1

  1. She’s really a pro! Love how she explained the color wheel thoroughly! Sana the venue is larger, or better if we have a better view of the actual tutorial kasi madalas likod nakikita ko nun. Haha! I am glad to meet you there, and hopefully on other future workshops! 🙂

    • Yun lang nga, though the other workshops I’ve attended make it even harder to see as they’ve put so many people in the back. Parang classroom na talaga. :))

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