Nichido Retractable Travel Brush

I mentioned in the 7 Deadly Sins (of Beauty) post that my ‘sloth’ revolves around not cleaning makeup brushes as often as I should. It’s not as bad as it sounds, since I can basically survive with only two clean brushes, an ancient soft shadow shader brush and a Nichido Retractable Travel Brush. With those, I can do anything from a simple 5-minute look to ‘The Works’.

On a day when I wasn’t particularly out shopping for something, I found this and thought, “Okay, I could use something like that.” I usually bring a utilitarian pencil-turned-makeup case with me in my bag for touch-ups, so a practical retractable brush with lid would take up less space and stay cleaner. If memory serves correctly, this soft, synthetic-haired brush cost me less than PHP 150. Quite a steal for something so practical…

I use this for setting my makeup and applying blush, but I also discovered another use. Highlighter, baby! Retracting the brush partway compresses the hairs enough to allow for more precise application. I retract it about halfway to highlight cheekbones, chin, and temples. To get the bridge of my nose, I retract three-quarters of the way. All those uses in one brush? It’s paid for itself!

I’ve been using this for six months, and it has proven itself sturdy. Not a lot of shedding, and it dries fairly quickly post-wash due to the compact size. My full-fluff brushes take two days of air-drying, while this is good after 24 hours.


Verdict: Finds like these always keep me lurking at the drugstore beauty section for the next amazing and affordable discovery. If you’re looking for a do-all brush that can travel, this is the one to start with.


14 thoughts on “Nichido Retractable Travel Brush

  1. Great find! I also bought a retractable brush recently from Lazada for that price too and it’s very fluffy and the design is very pretty. I hope that it’s sturdy as well.

    • Yikes! Natural hair ba? This one is the same synthetic hair as with the Charm adore brushes, so it stays soft through washes and generally maintains its shape.

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