Philosophy Eye Hope Multitasking Eye Cream

I’m not much of a sleeper as evidenced by the luggage under my eyes. While there’s no replacement for a full-night’s sleep, the next best thing is to pamper my eyes whenever I can. Philosophy Eye Hope was my first ever eye cream splurge, and it has got me hoping for the best.

Philosophy Eye Hope

Quick Specs: 15 ml / 0.5 fl. oz ; made in the USA



  • Almost all the eye creams I’ve ever used have been housed in jars or squeeze tubes. Jars aren’t the most sanitary, while squeeze tubes get annoying towards the end. (I don’t know if it’s just me, but I hate having to wring products out of squeeze tubes. Call it a pet peeve. I usually end up squeezing the last of the contents on to a jar. Sanitary factors, be damned!) A pump bottle is a definite level-up. It feels posh already.
  • The pump produces a yellowish, easy-to-spread cream with a mild smell reminiscent of overripe banana. The scent is very, very mild, so you’ll only really catch a whiff if your nose is close enough that you’re practically snorting the cream.
  • It’s so hard to tell if an eye cream actually works, since the results tend to come after religious, long-term use. I’ve been using this for about a month, and I can still only tell you about the instant effects. The cooling sensation starts immediately, followed by a brightening of the eye area. Overall, it keeps my lids and under-eye hydrated.
  • Less than half a pump is enough to cover both eyes, upper lid and undereye, so I think this will last me a long time. Use sparingly. I’ve tried to apply a thicker coat to my eyes in an attempt to make the most of its moisturizing effect, but I ended up with the cream turning into something like libag (skin-like residue). It was gross and came off in layers as I tried to dab makeup over it. 
  • When used sparingly, Eye Hope gets absorbed by the skin nicely and dries matte. It goes under makeup well, so there’s no migrating foundation and concealer once everything has been set.


  • Waiting for long-term results means using this for many months. It’s expensive, so you can’t help but expect to see some of those results while you’re still on your first bottle.


Verdict: On the costly side, but Eye Hope hydrates eyes and gives off enough instant effects to get you to take notice. Jury’s still out on the long-term effects, though I have realistic expectations of my eye creams.


17 thoughts on “Philosophy Eye Hope Multitasking Eye Cream

    • And so I end up with super low expectations with eye creams. As long as it hydrates and can go under makeup, it’ll do. Bonus na lang, if it brightens and cools. Miracle level na, if my dark circles do lighten. :))

  1. Excited to know how this fares on you! I am careful with buying eye creams because 1) they cost an arm and a leg and 2) I don’t know if they really are effective.

  2. Interesting. I’m on a look out for a good eye cream… I still have a couple in my stash but I would like to find some that are somehow affordable but still effective. Good eye creams are just too darn expensive!

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