Etude House Dear My Wish Lips-talk in RD302

Is it such a major no-no to wear dark lipstick after fall/winter? Either way, I’ve thrown all caution to the wind when I purchased Etude House Dear My Wish Lips-talk in RD302 (got it at 20%-off for PHP 463, PHP 578 regular price), and I plan to max this one out.

Etude House Dear My Wish Lips Talk



Quick Specs: 0.12 oz / 3.5 g ; made in Korea

RD302 is looking lighter/warmer in this shot, but actually looks more like…



  • Rich color in a single swipe. I knew I wanted an oxblood lipstick, but I’ve only seen high-end brands with just the right coloring. I don’t want to shell out a lot on dark lipsticks, because I’m still an MLBB (my lips, but better) person. I swatched this as an afterthought to buying a Play 101 eyeliner, then fell into its clutches. I’d describe RD302 as a deep wine shade trying to transition into oxblood upon more swipes.
  • High moisture level. Think Revlon Lip Butters, but with fuller color and without the shimmer.
  • Rose scented. I personally like rose and vanilla scents on lipsticks.
  • While you’ll hardly find anything packaged cutesy and pink in my makeup stash, this one doesn’t look tacky. I’m just a little taken back that such a bold, goth-like color would come in such a girly-girl tube.
  • After eating, only the outline is left. It looks like a 90’s faux pas! The good news is that it leaves a subtle stain. Just use a napkin to wipe it from the outside going in. You’ll be left with subtle berry-kissed lips that’ll hold over until the next touch-up. (Unfortunately, that “touch-up” is basically a full-on reapplication.)


  • Especially for this dark color, a chubby, dull tip makes the lipstick a challenge to apply with precision. I’ve had to use a cotton swab to erase mistakes as I outlined. The best luck I’ve had was by using a lip brush, but even then the sheer, glossy formula gave me a hard time. A lipliner could help, but I’d advise against it because of the super moist formula. It’ll look even more 90’s after eating, but the outline wouldn’t be as easy to erase. That, and the fact that you’d have to go out of your way to get super dark lip liner just to match the color of this.
  • Color tends to travel towards the edges of the lips. Avoid pressing lips together.
  • The finish is too sheer for this dark a color.

Verdict: Imagine my glee in finding out that a less-expensive brand got the color right. They just need to work on a formula that clings to the inside of the lips better. That, or just develop a matte version.


8 thoughts on “Etude House Dear My Wish Lips-talk in RD302

  1. It looks beautiful on you! Am surprised that Etude carries such a colour, given their usually girly and light palette. Agree with you that a deep lippie isn’t an everyday colour to shell our too much money on 😉 Will definitely look out for it on the next visit to Etude.

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