March 2015 Empties

This week has been particularly productive in terms of blogging. Starting next week, I’ll be sharing more food- and beauty-related events that the merry month of March has brought me to. For right now, let’s have a look at my empties:

1. Nivea Baby Smoothy Cream — Works wonderfully as a facial moisturizer and a body lotion/butter. Furthermore, it has the scent I want in lotions, subtle and clean. (Can’t all Nivea lotions smell like it, pretty please?)

2. Lactacyd Cool & Fresh, White Intimate, and All-Day Care — Um… I didn’t use all three at once, obviously. This just accumulated in my empties stash. Anyway, Cool & Fresh has one of the longer lasting cooling sensations in feminine wash. White Intimate smells kind of like Elizabeth Arden’s Green Tea and lathers up nicely. All-Day Care is basically the more gel-type version of the classic (runny) Lactacyd  feminine wash. My favorite is White Intimate, though specifically for scent and lather reasons.

3. Celeteque Brightening Eye Tuck — Moisturizes eyes without leaving it greasy. Works as a makeup base to boot!

4. Pond’s Dewy Rose Gel — Good stuff. The small container lasted me a few days short of a month. Perfect trial size. It’s fine for days at home or to prep the skin lightly for makeup, but air-conditioned rooms require a heavier moisturizer.

5. L’Oreal Fall Repair Anti-Hair Fall Tonic — I’m not sure this worked. Guess it’s more of a preventive thing. Aside from acting as a tonic, it certainly makes for a pleasantly-scented scalp-freshener.


14 thoughts on “March 2015 Empties

  1. Sana I got the Nivea baby cream when it was on sale. havent tried it! Im using the Nivea Cream(Blue Can) eversince kasi. maybe pagkaubos il try that also. And we have the same eyecream.

    • Last time Nivea had a major sale event, all the baby stuff disappeared. 😦 I think this time around, didn’t see baby stuff, either. That’s why I stopped buying from their sales, since the Baby Cream is my absolute favorite product of theirs.

  2. […] 5. Lactacyd White Intimate – It’s good ol’ Lactacyd with a scent, consistency, and lather that spells clean. Surprisingly, I don’t care for the lightening claims. Just those three criteria mentioned above. I got this while Shopwise offered a value bundle. […]

  3. I used the feminine wash but not those scents. I feel it was unscented. But good thing to bring this up on your blog. Some people get embarrassed by the mention of it. So good job! Good empties post!

  4. Shit, I have the tonic and neglected to use it for my hair fall. I OWE YOU MY LIFE!

    I’m a big fan of the Celeteque Eye Tuck. It never seeps into the eyes but you have to be conscious with the expiry. It stings like a bitch right after the stamped expiration date! Kurips ko e, I tried to make it work even then :))

  5. I have the Nivea Smooth cream too! Super love the scent and how it moisturizes my skin! ❤ amoy baby! Tip for fem wash sis, rather use unscented everything, it's more advised by OB 🙂

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