Taco Bell Thursday

That post title was waiting to be written! Last Thursday, I attended a blogger’s event to celebrate the re-launching of Taco Bell’s flagship branch at Gateway Mall. We were given a chance to check out the new-and-improved interiors that now look livelier and trendier. Definitely the aura of a new hangout place.

Coming from someone who has been to Taco Bell countless times before, I have to say that the new set-up is worlds apart. The counter, once deep inside the restaurant, is now the first thing to greet you as you walk in. Spread across several flat screens, the menu is a more HD ordering experience.


The squeaky clean open kitchen allows for a more interesting waiting time, because you can actually watch them assemble your order.

I see you!

Fresh ingredients

A well-lit dining area, wood elements, and pops of purple accent give a casual “modern coffee shop” vibe.

Now, let’s go to the food…

Nachos Supreme PHP 89

The smallest of the three possible nacho orders, Nachos Supreme, was choc-full of ground meat and other toppings. I wasn’t even able to finish it alone.

Meal 4 (PHP 169) and a Chocodilla with Nutella (top left; PHP 49)

Instead of ordering my usual quesadilla, I decided to change things up with Meal 4: Crunchwrap Supreme with drinks and a side. I asked to upgrade the included nacho side to become Cheesy Fiesta Potatoes (additional PHP 20 to do that). Speaking of upgrades, Taco Bell also allows for additional sauce or replacement of the beef filling with chicken for only PHP 20 per upgrade. I’m liking the options.

Crunchwrap Supreme Meal w/o upgrades

A best-selling menu item, Crunchwrap Supreme is well-rounded, flavor-wise. Inside, it has ground meat, lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream n’ cheese sauce, and chips. Quite a long way from a quesadilla. The salsa included on-the-side to all meals is worth a mention for being fresh and well-seasoned.

Fellow Blogger #1 ordered the original Crunchwrap Supreme meal and Churros (PHP 49)

Finally, the dessert of Churros and Chocodilla with Nutella were satisfying, although I wish the Churros could’ve been more crunchy all around. Currently, its dough is similar to that of cream puffs, soft and “eggy” on the inside, but slightly crispy from frying on the outside. The Chocodilla has marshmallows and Nutella inside, so yay! for that.

Fellow Blogger #2 ordered Meal 6: Cruncy Taco & Beef Burrito (PHP 189)

To recap:

  • Greatly improved ambiance.
  • Same food, but with more customized options.

Major difference in the interiors that you’ll notice even from outside the mall



*I went to this event courtesy of Taco Bell and Zomato. While I got to dine free-of-charge, opinions expressed here are entirely my own.


17 thoughts on “Taco Bell Thursday

  1. You know what I miss guys?? The Bunwich from Dunkin Donuts and their Choco-filled doughnut.. They dont have that here.. Huhuhu😞

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