Re-Purchases 2015

Trying out new products is loads of fun, but finding keepers is even better. I can finally heave a sigh of relief that there is an expanding list of no-brainer items I’d pick up at the drop of a hat. Several items I got to try last year convinced me to come back for more. They are…

1. Heroine Make Long & Curl Mascara — This mascara survives the humidity well. While it’s not like Benefit’s They’re Real Mascara that can manage even without curling the lashes first, it does hold that curl once set.

2. K-Palette Zero Kuma Concealer — My first Zero Kuma was Type 3, an orange-toned concealer that went with my tanned skin and equally orange-toned foundation. This time around, I’m investing in the proper yellow-toned bases, so my concealer has to follow suit. I got the Type 2 now.

3. Philosophy Amazing Grace  —  I easily tire of fragrances, but this one has gone past the 9-month mark and I still love it. So much so that I had to ask a cousin to get this, Philosophy Amazing Grace Fine Perfume, for me when she visited from London. Sadly, neither this nor the eau de parfum version of Amazing Grace is available in the Philippines.

4. Jergen’s Original Beauty Lotion — It does a splendid job of keeping my skin hydrated, but more than that, I find myself coming back to the unforgettable cherry-almond scent. Three generations of women in my family swear by this as a favorite everyday lotion, me included. I thought the old packaging looked more lively, but I don’t mind this as long as they don’t alter the scent or formulation.

5. Lactacyd White Intimate — It’s good ol’ Lactacyd with a scent, consistency, and lather that spells clean. Surprisingly, I don’t care for the lightening claims. Just those three criteria mentioned above. I got this while Shopwise offered a value bundle.


*Click on the item names to read their full reviews.


12 thoughts on “Re-Purchases 2015

  1. I loved that feminine wash, too. I didn’t care for the whitening effects but I get freaked out when some of my hairs down there turned blonde. I don’t know if it’s just me. But I stopped using it since.

  2. When I think of repurchases, mac blacktrack eyeliner always in the front row of my brains. lol. How much na ngayon ang Jergens lotion? I read your review at pareho din ung sabi sa akin dati ng classmate ko, magiging balbon daw. hahahaha pero this classmate of mine wanted body hair that time, inggit sya sa balbonic legs ko dati. Just funny!!!!

  3. your first two are my most faves as in! I remember using the mascara to my client and her mother thought I put on falsies on her daughter! Superb! k-palette concealer is currently my reliable concealer, works great under eyes and on dark spots. Mine’s type 1 I think.

    • That mascara is so impressive talaga, considering that they didn’t come up with a fancy brush. The secret is the excellent formula, instead of the bristles on the wand. I haven’t tried the K-palette brow products, but that’s probably what I’m going for next.

  4. I want to try the Type 1 concealer. I neglected to use my Type 3 concealer, and I was surprised that it lasts the whole day under my eyes! 🙂

    • It’s funny how they want users to choose the type based on skin concern, but I ended up choosing a shade based on undertones pa rin. That’s why I discovered that Type 2 actually looks more seamless on me than Type 3. Type 1 might be a better fit on you, I think. :p

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