Australian College of Hair Design + Beauty Manila

There’s this new college in town, and it’s right up the alley of beauty-lovers who want to officially go pro and go international. Last week, I had the privilege of visiting Asian College of Hair Design + Beauty  with other bloggers at their newly-opened campus in Connecticut St., Greenhills. I wasn’t quite prepared for what they had in store, so the concept admittedly took me by surprise.


When it comes to describing this Melbourne-originated hair-and-makeup artistry school, “thorough” seems to be an understatement. ACHDB Manila is the first and only college with an internationally-recognized license to provide hair dressing and make-up education, meeting local and global standards set forth by the Australian Qualifications Framework, the national policy for regulated qualifications in the Australian education and training system, as well as the Philippines’ K to 12 Basic Education Program.

ACHDB is the brainchild of Joscelyn Langdon, who has an outstanding commitment to professionalize the beauty industry through education and science-based training.  Prior to the inception of ACHDB in the late 80s, she has fervently served as a teacher and principal in three colleges in Victoria, Australia, where she pushed for the transition of both the Hair and Beauty Industries from an apprentice era to full-time training.    Langdon has grown ACHDB as an industry leader in beauty-related education, one of the largest colleges in Australia with six campuses across the continent, the biggest of which is in Melbourne.  Her unwavering passion has prompted her to open ACHDB in the Asia Pacific Region, initially in Hong Kong and the Philippines.

Lecture/Demo Room

We were given a demo of a lesson in store for students at ACHDB Manila. It covered the factors for choosing what eye shadow/s to use and where to use them. (Hint: It has to do with size, shape, placement, and depth of the eyes.) Taught by Lead Instructor Cecile Rebollos, our short class was informative as it was entertaining. The celeb examples used in the presentation gave aha! moments that broke down the distinct features of famous ladies like Sarah Jessica Parker (close-set eyes) and Aishwarya Rai (almond eyes). If you have a passion for beauty, then you’ll seriously enjoy the lesson.

Introduction to the college

Discussing how to enhance narrow eyes

After that class, I have to say that I’ve gained a better understanding of why there is a need for a school like Australian College of Hair Design and Beauty. I’ve researched a local makeup artists’ organization for an article I was writing for Inspirations for Weddings magazine, and found that their reasons for raising the bar on the professional hair and makeup industry are not so different from ACHDB’s. It’s about adding value to the work of someone who really took the time to invest in their craft, aside from supporting the professionalization of the makeup artist industry.


Fast Facts:

  • ACHDB Manila features a virtual salon where students take on all roles, from styling to managing, for a well-rounded exposure to the salon industry’s environment.
  • Class sizes are purposely small; strictly adhering to 16 students to 1 teacher ratio to facilitate learning more effectively.
  • Certificate and Diploma Courses are available for students to choose from. For full-time students, the diploma course is takes 9-months to complete.
  • ACHDB Manila also offers the “Build Your Own Program” which allows time-challenged individuals to take a Diploma or an accredited course, enroll with minimum course units depending on their available schedule and finish their program at their own pace.

From left: Hair Dressing Instructor Marvin Eustaquio, Make Up Artistry Instructors Mitch Elendu and Faye Young, and Lead Instructor Cecille Rebollos

Australian College of Hair Design and Beauty (ACHDB) Manila’s Principal / Marketing and Sales Head, Jaclyn Cayetano and Managing Director, Kenneth Asuncion

To know more about ACHDB Manila, visit them at Unit 301 Fox Square Bldg. 53 Connecticut St. North East, Greenhills San Juan City, Metro Manila or check out


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