Daiso Finds

Ever the bargain-hunter, my mom’s Top 5 list of value shopping destinations surely includes a Daiso. I kid you not: She easily spends an hour browsing through the shelves, regardless of how big or small that particular Daiso is. When I accompany her, I have to find a way to amuse myself as she hoards hand soap and tissue paper. That usually involves scouring the beauty section for something interesting. Here’s my simple collective haul:

Face Mask and Blush

1. Sleeping Pack with Hyaluronic Acid — A clear, non-sticky gel that smells exactly like the Biore Facial Wash I used growing up, this face mask acts more like a light moisturizer that I can use as an alternative to creamy moisturizers.

2. Mix Cheek Powder No. 2 — Doesn’t this remind you of a certain Box O’ Powder? I’m not creative when it comes to using multi-colored blushes, so I tend to swirl the brush over everything. This time, I think I’ll experiment with the colors and highlights.

Fresh Cotton

3. Cotton Pads — This is actually my second set of cotton pads purchased from Daiso. I’ve had no trouble with them, and a pack lasts me months!

The only thing I lament is that the Daiso in the Philippines doesn’t have enough crafting products. A family friend from abroad gave me a cool set of knitting needles she got from Daiso US. The focus for Daiso Philippines is mostly on kitchen and household products.

Have you found anything special at your local Daiso?


15 thoughts on “Daiso Finds

  1. I tried buying their double eyelid tape before but I didn’t like the way the tape was cut 😛 I hoard hand soaps and kitchen towels! And sometimes food 😛 I haven’t tried their makeup because I am very hesitant… but my mom tried their eyebrow pencil before 😀

    Oh and I hoard sketch pads and pencils too 😀

  2. Daiso in Dubai was awesome! The stores were always huge and the snacks took up one entire row. I loved hanging around the cookware and dining sets- you’d honestly never think they were from a thrift store. I wasn’t into cosmetics back then, but now that I come to think of it, it was such a missed opportunity!

  3. Oh wow! I purchase the exact same mask and blush. The mask broke me out and the blush is too shimmery for me so i ended up giving them away 😦

  4. I love Daiso, just went last week with a friend for a stock up. Got lots of storage baskets and bins. Found a cute little dispenser for my cotton pads like the ones you have above. I always find something exciting and the best part is when you get to the register with all of your purchases that you can barely carry it only ends up being like 30 bucks 🙂

  5. YAY, i love Daiso!! 😀 so glad you were able to find some nice goodies haha, you should do an in-depth review on the sleeping pack, I want to know more about it 😉 I actually just went to Daiso the other day and got fake grass haha

  6. I’ve been to a few Daiso in my life and once was during a vacation out west and I dragged my boyfriend with me (the store wasn’t located conveniently). He ended up really liking it too! We must have spent over 2 hours in that store going from aisle to aisle! Besides the cosmetics section, I also love the stationary section. I’m sad there isn’t one located in my city – I even wrote to the company but never received a reply.
    That blush is definitely “inspired” by Benefit!

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