The Knitting Frenzy

2015 has me taking up a new and unexpected hobby. While I’ve been seeing so many posts on calligraphy, crocheting, and painting, I just went with an activity that’s been done in the family since the time of my paternal grandma. Knitting!

The Knit Box, a drawer for all my knitting materials

It was purely accidental how I came into this. During a family reunion, my craft-loving aunt was showing us these lovely wraps and scarves she made. (She’s also given us a couple for Christmas.) Some of the ladies started asking her to teach them, so it became an impromptu lesson. I stuck around and got the hang of it quickly, so I was sent home with a huge ball of yarn and a pair of knitting needles to start a scarf with. Project No. 1 is this:

The Beige Scarf


Project No. 1 has since been finished, and I’ve attended an impromptu knitting meet with my aunt and her girlfriends to learn a new pattern and, thus, start a project anew.ย This time, it’s a maroon infinity scarf with an alternating combination of knit and purl stitches:

The beginnings of an Infinity Scarf

Needless to say, I find this hobby relaxing. I do a lot of knitting while watching TV. I’ve even started dreaming of knitting a whole sweater, but with a modern twist. As proof of my growing appreciation of this craft, I even went off to look for a magazine with patterns. Lol.

Knit-spiration 1

Knit-spiration 2

Knit-spiration 3

So that’s the update for now. It’s a little sad that I can’t seem to find a lot of knitting supply stores in Manila. Most of the yarn being sold are the basic acrylic school project yarn, but I’m looking to up the quality of fabric in succeeding projects. (Yes, I have a cashmere ambition!) The more exotic varieties tend to be sold online, but I just wish I could touch the yarn first before deciding to buy. *sigh*


4 thoughts on “The Knitting Frenzy

  1. Knitting is the BEST! I’m an avid knitter, self-taught.
    Good job on your first project. My first project was also a scarf, I think pretty much every new knitter makes a scarf as their first project, lol!
    Knit.wear magazine is fantastic. The designs are geared much more to the younger / more stylish demographic.
    Currently I’m knitting a stuffed toy and pillow for a friend’s toddler. ๐Ÿ™‚

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