In2It Colourshine Lipstick in Carnation

I’ve gotten more comfortable with mattes and semi-mattes, but my stash is nothing if not inclusive of light, glossy lipsticks. They’re much too important for me to give up. For example, when I go to parties or food trips, a bold or matte lipstick tends to come off unevenly at the center of the mouth after eating. It’s too obvious, and I have to keep remembering to retouch for photos. I’ll stick to something like In2It Colourshine Lipstick in Carnation, thankyouverymuch.

In2It Colurshine Lipstick

Six Things About In2It Colourshine Lipstick:

  • The lipstick comes in a shiny metallic tube with an edgy red-dot accent. It’s somewhere between sleek and cute. The cap fits snugly, so I’ve never had an issue with it accidentally popping off in my purse.
  • Carnation is a perky light pink with gold shimmer that gives off a sheer, glossy color in one swipe. The color is buildable but doesn’t migrate to the edges of the mouth, so two to three swipes gets opaque coverage that stays in place.
  • Glides smooth and feels light while packing on the hydration.
  • You know what this reminds me of? Revlon Lip Butters!
  • I get 2-3 hours until the color and moisture completely wear off. Nothing out of the ordinary for a glossy lipstick.
  • This is at the PHP 300-400 price range. Standard for drugstore brand imports.

Verdict: I can have my pick of glossy, pigmented moisturizing lippies from at least two drugstore brands, and I’m glad. The formula and pigmentation give me what I need, so I’ve found affordable keepers that I intend to repurchase.


19 thoughts on “In2It Colourshine Lipstick in Carnation

  1. That color is so pretty! Looks good on you 🙂 Thanks for reviewing the In2It lipstick. I’m actually looking for a nice coral lipstick and I’m still browsing… I noticed almost all my lipsticks are shades of berry so I’m consciously looking for a coral lippie. I’ll make sure to stop by the In2It counter to check out their lipsticks.

    • Not yet, but I’m kind of interested in their lipstick crayons. I’ll check next time. 🙂 So far, I’ve only used ELF makeup brushes and that lip balm in a tin that they had before.

    • Hopefully I get into more selfie moods. lol I love how the last two years have brought on so many heavily pigmented glossy lippies. They were all I knew, because I became obsessed with Revlon Lip Butters!

    • You should try it! In2It doesn’t get as much attention as the other drugstore brands (especially here in the Philippines), but the products have such good quality. I’ve been using their stuff since high school.

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