3W Clinic Snail Hand Cream

As evidenced by the entries in this blog, I enjoy baking anything, knitting scarves, and typing away on the computer. I guess this means I like to work with my hands. This also means that my hands are constantly tired, so pampering them is the least I can do. It’s a far cry from my days working as a pastry intern, but I just enjoy skincare that much.

For the summer weather, the thicker products have to be put on hold. I’ve been slathering on 3W Clinic Snail Hand Cream every chance I get to keep my hands lightly hydrated while the rest of me is trying to survive the summer heat.

3W Clinic Snail Hand Cream


Quick Specs: 100 ml / 3.38 fl oz ; made in Korea


Five things About 3W Clinic Snail Hand Cream:

  1. Seeing as the packaging of Korean hand creams have become increasingly quirky, this tube from 3W Clinic is already considered as more utilitarian than trendy. There’s nothing to figure out and I haven’t suffered any spills, so the packaging works fine. 100 ml is a little big for the purse, but perfect for home use.
  2. The hand cream itself has a light formula (with a cloudy white color) that easily melts on to the skin. There’s a mildly velvety texture from the mineral oil base, though not as velvety as a silicone-based foundation primer. Hands feel well-coated with the cream, but the skin absorbs the formula quickly.
  3. My favorite kind of scent on a lotion, the non-lingering, clean, floral scent, is the kind of under-the-radar subtle that won’t be distracting anyone.
  4. The hydration is mild, so this doesn’t stand a chance against industrial-strength hand soap. Within 30 minutes, the hand cream completely neutralizes already. This is a lotion for lotion-haters.
  5. 3W Clinic is not locally available in the malls, though online sellers might carry the brand.

Verdict: For nighttime or when I  am in an air-conditioned place, I still prefer the thicker hand creams. I don’t need to grasp anything anymore, so the heavier formula doesn’t bother me. For (additional) post-wash care during the day, a lotion like this is nice to have around. I didn’t notice a significant improvement in hydration with the snail secretion filtrate, so I’m left unimpressed with the snail trend.


10 thoughts on “3W Clinic Snail Hand Cream

  1. Ooh. It’s nice to see reviews about other products from this brand. I like their famous powder so I would love to try out their other stuff. Anyway, I’m beginning to love hand creams again (before I just use whatever lotion I had for my hands too). It’s odd that this isn’t too moisturizing because the snail creams for the face that I have used are really good at hydrating my skin. 😀

    • I haven’t tried the powder, actually. :)) I’d describe the moisture level as “Pwede na.” I’ve tried lighter hand creams, though I wish this would stand up to those super-drying commercial hand soaps.

  2. I’ve used a snail sheet mask, it was just your average hydrating mask. I also have the Mizon snail gel cream in my stash, unopened, waiting to try. I’ve read good reviews, I hope it’s good.
    This hand cream looks like it might be good for the purse.

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