Etude House Drawing Eye Brow

Before deciding to post this review, I was on the fence about whether or not I should still go through with it. My Etude House Drawing Eye Brow in 03 Brown (PHP 148) doesn’t exactly have that brand-spanking-new sheen to it, seeing as I got it from my mom when there was only half of the pencil left. But then I thought it would be an even bigger shame not to talk about it. Read on to find out why…

Etude House Drawing Eye Brow

Quick Specs: refills available for purchase; 6 available shades

Detachable End

Spoolie Brush

Five Things About Etude House Drawing Eye Brow:

  1. The packaging is a straightforward dual-ended pen that features a twist-up brow crayon and a spoolie on opposite sides. The end of the brow crayon can be pulled straight out and replaced with a refill. With its slanted, triangle/teardrop shape and twisting base, the crayon reminds me of a super slim version of a lipstick. *BTW, the slant is sharper on a new pencil. I have about half a centimeter left on mine, so it’s naturally been worn out.*
  2. I’m a total brow noob, and this is my second ever piece of brow makeup. It’s also the one I learned most of the brow basics (mapping and filling) with, so I’ll vouch that this is recommended for beginners. I use the narrow top part to map, while the wider part does the filling.
  3. For mistakes, the color is easy to spread or fade out with the spoolie or even smudge out with fingertips, but the color actually lasts the whole day when left untouched. The formula rests comfortably under brow hairs, so sweat doesn’t easily move the product.
  4. 03 Brown looks natural on my darker un-dyed hair. I might want to try the Brown-Black one, but it might look too bold.
  5. PHP 148 is totally affordable for the quality and ease-of-use. I hope they don’t stop selling refills.

Verdict: I am looking to repurchase, but the Etude House branches I go to run out of stock so quickly! It’s starting to look like a hoard situation. I’d highly recommend this to anyone, especially for beginners or those who want full brows without too much fuss.


13 thoughts on “Etude House Drawing Eye Brow

  1. My first Korean brow product and definitely will not be my last! The colors fit my hair tone so much better than Western products do. It’s lasted a long time and for the affordable price, I don’t think I’ll be straying from it 🙂

    • We share the same sentiment. I’m not particular about long-wear brow formula, since most brow products last the whole day on me. The most important criteria to me is price and color-compatibility, for sure.

      • Yeah, for normal, everyday conditions, I don’t need the long-wearing stuff. I’m keen to try other Korean brands but I have a feeling it’s the same product in different packaging.

  2. You found a re-fill?! In all my years of using this pencil, wala pa akong nakikitang refill ever. I currently have 3 backups on hand. 3 different shades of grey. 😛

    • I saw it before, but I’m not sure that they still carry refills now. That was at least a year ago. I have two grays from different brands. Hmm… Might be a better fit than browns noh?

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