Eye of Horus Precision Tweezers

I’ve noticed that I tend to favor a certain type of product each year. By favor, I mean hoard. 2012 was for lipsticks, 2013 for eye shadows, 2014 for foundation and other bases. This year, it’s all about the brows for me. I ended up purchasing six kinds of brow fillers in the last few months. Today, however, I’m going to stick to a review of a brow grooming tool that’s part of a set I won from Sabs of The Makeup Maven over the last yuletide season. It’s a pair of Eye of Horus Precision Tweezers (PHP 690 regular price from Glamourbox).

Eye of Horus Precision Tweezers


Quick Specs: made in China

Five Things About Eye of Horus Precision Tweezers:

  • The tweezers are housed in a small black box. Inside, there’s another layer of protection that comes in the form of a plastic wrapper. The tongs are bound together by a small plastic square that prevents them from snagging on other things inside a vanity kit. (I must remember not to lose that square piece of plastic, then.)
  • Being painted a matte black, the body of the tweezers look very sleek indeed. The moderately sized edges are in a burnished steel finish for better grip on hairs.
  • I’m digging the size and shape of this. The body is wide that it allows for an easy grasp and good control, especially for a person with big, clumsy hands like myself. The matte coating prevents fingers from slipping, thus helping reduce the incidence of accidental jabs and pinches.
  • The tweezers can get at both thick and fine hairs with ease. I didn’t experience any pinching. (At least, not any more than the usual once or twice accidental ouchie. But I’d chalk that up to bad hand-eye coordination, since I experience that with all tweezers once in a while.)
  • I just had to google Tweezerman’s prices, since the make of these tweezers remind me of what I’ve spotted at Beauty Bar. They range from PHP 595-1,150, by the way. Eye of Horus’ PHP 690 is on the pricier side, but so far so good. Time will tell if I’ll experience any rusting, since quality stainless steel would be the only reason I’d shell out the extra moolah on a pair of tweezers.

Verdict: I’m happy with this. I’ve just completed a DIY brow reshaping session in the comfort of my own home, so I’m thankful to have a nice pair of tweezers at my beck and call. Sure saves money on getting a salon service.


10 thoughts on “Eye of Horus Precision Tweezers

  1. I really want to try Tweezerman , recommended by M. Phan, but lately I’m not into plucking even my eyebrows. i want to shave them lang so I can keep the shape and super sakit talaga mag pluck I always get teary-eyed every time

  2. I thought it looked familiar! Thank you for connecting it to Tweezerman!!

    Honestly, I am not very picky with tweezer quality. It’s a low-level tool for me as it doesn’t touch the skin at all. Good advice I’ve applied: to improve tweezer grip, you can rub it with coarse sandpaper!

  3. I have never had my eyebrows done at a salon. I wish I had the first time I tweezed them, but oh well. I feel comfortable doing it by myself. This tweezers is really a good one. Have tried using it too before. 🙂

    • The first time I had mine done professionally, my cousin had to peer pressure me into doing it. Haha. It’s a combination of kuripot and fear that they might screw it up royally. I still get a little stressed at the prospect of having a brow overhaul done.

  4. Yes! It does look a lot like Tweezerman. I bought mine on sale 395 lang ata. Parang namamahalan pa din ako fora tweezer pero Super ok yung quality.

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