The Face Shop Mini Haul

There’s an ongoing 1+1 sale event over at The Face Shop Philippines for the entire month of May.  It’s when you purchase two promo-inclusive products to get each item at 50% off. Eyebrow-bonanza, baby!

How timely that 2015 is my eyebrow obsession year. And did I mention that my fave Etude House brow pencil is down to a nub? Naturally, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get replacements for the frequently sold-out EH brow filler, so here’s my haul:

I took home a Style My Eyebrow Pencil (from PHP 150 to PHP 75) and the last Brow Master Eyebrow Kit (from PHP 390 to PHP 195) in that branch.

I went back with my mom, and she ended up with two Lovely Me: Ex Design My Eyebrow Pencils (from PHP 225 each to PHP 225 for both). I’ll probably borrow and review those, so it’s actually a collective haul post. (Yay for generous mothers! Haha.)

Am I not set for 2015? Buh-bye bare brows!

*1+1 Poster from The Face Shop Philippines’ Facebook page.


6 thoughts on “The Face Shop Mini Haul

  1. Sayang! I wasnt able to visit their store. I was looking for a kit that I can switch to cause EH eyebrow pencil is always out of stock. The faceshop has the same product pala.

  2. thanks for the info!! akala ko this was done na, gonna visit nga on monday sana they have stocks for the eyebrow stuff. oh and i also use the etude house eyebrow pencil – i love that sooo much but its always out of stock 😦 wanted to get a back up just in case but wala its been out of stock for like a month now so i might get this. if you could pick one eyebrow product from here which one would you pick and recommend?

  3. Wahh! The Lovely Me: Ex Design My Eyebrow Pencil is actually amazing. I always have it on my purse for touch up. I never want to have my brows ugly when I go out. Hehe. Might pay a visit soon. I also love their makeup tissue wipes. ❤️

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