Mega May Haul

Merry month of May, indeed! Next to Christmas, the fifth month of the year is a good time to be a beauty junkie. Cosmetic brands have their major mid-year sales to hold you over until the next huge shopping event, pre-holiday and holiday season sales. Personally, May brought me good luck on the blog front by way of awesome prizes. I can’t wait to review them, but I’ll share them here for the meantime.

It’s gonna be May-belline

Bad pun, but lovely loot. I got this from Gem of Rare Vanity as a Commenter of the Month prize for April 2015. Received the package in May, so that counts! I’m a huge fan of Maybelline, and it’s the first makeup brand I’ve ever patronized.

Get real with Real Techniques

Next up, I received this nifty Real Techniques Night Owl Palette and Mini Brush Trio from Juvy of Plump Cheeks. I’ve heard so much about this brand, so I’m absolutely thrilled to be able to try out the brainchild of English makeup artists (and sisters), Samantha and Nicola Chapmam.

If I wasn’t a beauty junkie then, I’m certainly one now

Last but not the least is Set No. 4 from Martha of The Beauty Junkee’s 6th Anniversary Mega Giveaway. Holymotherofassortments! But wait, there’s more:

A year’s supply of Cetaphil cleanser and GCs

And more still!

Burt’s Bees, Flawless, Inglot, Happy Skin, and Mary Kay

Endless thanks to Gem, Juvy, and Martha. I usually start to yearn for Christmas songs by July, but it looks like Christmas has come even earlier this year. :))


18 thoughts on “Mega May Haul

  1. […] After my major haircut two months ago, very little was left of my previous ombre DIY dye job. I had a mostly blank canvas (aka virgin hair strands) to play around with, so I excitedly rushed over to Vivere Salon (pronounced “Vee-veh-ray” with emphasis on the last syllable) to claim a permanent hair color voucher I got last month. […]

  2. Lucky you! Haha. I would also love to post the prizes I got from Miss Gem of Rarevanity and soon to receive from Miss Celline Reyes (^-^) This is why I love the blogosphere! We learn more about new and different products plus there’s a chance of winning too =)

  3. […] When I first started using makeup, the only brushes I could afford, given my meager allowance, were the synthetic, rough-haired ones that taught me to resort to finger application instead. It was obviously an awful buy, I know, but at least I developed more skill with my bare hands and a love for multi-purpose cosmetics. These days, I still spring for cheaper brushes, but the quality for the price is probably a hundred times better. I have a new-found respect for synthetic brushes, so I was giddy to receive Real Techniques On Location Mini Brush Trio from Juvy of Plump Cheeks as part of a commenter-of-the-month prize. […]

  4. So many! I also got a bag from Ms. Martha but my family took almost half and I gave some to m friends. Well, share your blessings they say 😀 Congrats on winning lots 😀

  5. You WON all these?! Wow, you sure are lucky!
    I did not know that Real Techniques came out with mini travel brushes – they’re so cute! At first I thought the eye shadow palette was really giantic next to the brushes until I read that the brushes were minis. lol!

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