Carolina Herrera 212 VIP

Do you have a childhood scent? Let me rephrase that… Did you have a favorite scent you used all the time, when you were younger? It’s one that you didn’t quite outgrow, but being an adult probably requires something more sophisticated. For me, it’s vanilla. I don’t mind smelling like birthday cake, but it might be a different story for the people around me. That’s why I was lucky to get Carolina Herrera 212 VIP Perfume from Lucky Citrine’s blog sale for a sizable discount.

Carolina Herrera 212 VIP Eau de Parfum

Quick Specs: 30 ml / 1 fl oz; also available in 60 ml / 2 fl oz and 100 ml / 3.4 fl oz bottles; made in Spain

It’s worth mentioning that Carolina Herrera 212 scents have such cool pill-shaped bottles. The bigger sizes have magnetic lids that snap shut with a resounding clack! , while the smaller sizes have the standard perfume bottle lid that fits snugly over the spritzer. The first con is that there is no flat bottom on the 30ml bottle, so I have to prop it against something to prevent it from rolling off the vanity. Second con is the gold “stamped” labeling on the 212 VIP bottle faded into nothingness within two weeks, so it’s harder to tell which side is supposed to be up. This is not a problem for the bigger sizes as the lettering is embossed or debossed on the body of the bottle. In the case of 212 VIP Rose, there is a color gradient design. Also, I remember the bigger bottles having a flat bottom.

To describe the scent of 212 VIP, I would have to use the phrase “vanilla for adults” to better describe how complex this fragrance is. It starts off with an enthusiastic burst of passionfruit. Then the powdery, musky vanilla kicks in while still holding on to the fruitiness. It’s the type of fragrance that reminds you of skin as opposed to laundry, woods, grass, etc., so there’s a sultry aspect to it. Basically, the musk is undeniable. Compared to 212 VIP Rose’s fruitier qualities, 212 VIP is more mature and formal.

Sillage is definitely pronounced, but not as heavy as those aldehydic fragrances I love to hate. Still, it is better to use sparingly as the overall effect can come on a little strong. Longevity is about four hours on bare skin and longer on clothes.

Verdict: I’m a fan of Carolina Herrera’s fragrances as much as I appreciate her clothing designs. I like that each 212 fragrance is so different from the last, thus giving them more individual character. 212 VIP’s mature take on vanilla is a satisfying compromise that I would wear for “dress-up” days.


2 thoughts on “Carolina Herrera 212 VIP

  1. I have the 212 Rose. Was supposed to sell it but am glad I didn’t. It has a mature note that is actually fun to wear. It’s refined and elegant, but definitely not old!

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