Daiso Haul

The last couple of times I was in Daiso with mom, THIS happened. I was back at it again this week, on a quest to pimp my office space. Here are my picks:

Office Supply Holder (PHP 88)

I’ve had separate containers for rubber bands, paper clips, pens, memo pads, etc. This four-slot holder is a space-saver. Plus, there’s something about black or silver mesh that I find so professional-looking. (Maybe it’s because all the executive offices I’ve seen in movies feature mesh organizers and waste baskets.

Purple Mesh Waste Basket (PHP 88)

In keeping up with the professional look, I wanted a black or silver waste basket just for paper rubbish. Sadly, only pink, purple, and sky blue were available. A single silver one was on hand at the time I bought this purple one, but it had huge scratches. When I came back, they had black ones. Ugh! Well, never mind. I don’t need to buy another one.

3-Tier Document Tray (PHP 288)

I had a very Ikea moment with this document tray. Meaning, I had to assemble it myself, in spite of somewhat confusing instructions. There is no manual, booklet, brochure, or pamphlet inside the box, so all you get is a vague illustration printed on the back of the box. With pride and dignity, I took on this challenge. Now, I’m sharing a few tips on how to set it up, in case you find yourself in the same situation. You will need: a thin Phillips screwdriver or the thickest/biggest one in the jeweler’s screwdriver set (you know, the super slim ones with the twisting base), long nose pliers or tweezers, and a hammer.

Screws and Plastic Anchors

You will be met with screws and plastic anchors, so you must first insert the anchors into the holes on the ends of the three individual support poles.

This is where the hammer and the long nose pliers could come in. One of the poles had a dent at the end that made it difficult to insert the anchor. (Chalk it up to China-made goods with poor quality control, but what do you expect? I have a feeling it’s not uncommon to find small dents on this particular item.) I took to pounding it against a table to drive the anchor in, like I did the other ends, but it didn’t work. It would only go halfway in, then I’d have to yank it out with the long nose pliers and try a different angle. When all that failed, I tried the hammer. It instantly went in!

Start twisting those screws in nice and tight. Then, voila!

It leans very slightly from side to side—again, what do you expect—but I don’t think it’s suddenly going to fall apart. Some of the baskets have a hard time sliding in or out, but I’m looking into applying some WD-40. Light documents are securely held. To clarify, I’m going to use this as an inbox/processing/outbox tray for fast-moving documents, so I can’t guarantee how it will hold up with heavier items.

Remote Shutter (PHP 188)

Finally, my favorite purchase of the day has got to be this Remote Shutter for iOS and Android smartphones. I’ve looked at it skeptically twice before deciding to give it a shot. Didn’t really have time to try it out in-store as there’s always such a long line at the counter where it’s displayed, but I figured I could always exchange it for two packs of toilet paper. (lol)

In the back; battery compartment

This Bluetooth device actually worked on both iPhone and Android, as the description on the device and its box promises. For the record, I’m using an iPhone 5 running on iOS 8.3 and a Cherry Mobile Pulse running on Android Kitkat. Turn on the Bluetooth feature of your smartphone, then power on the remote shutter via the On/Off switch on the side. Pair the devices, then go to your camera app and start shooting. There are instructions included inside the box, and they are accurate and easy to understand.

From my experience, these are the compatible apps the remote shutter will work with: Instagram, Camera 360, Google Camera, iOS Camera.  It doesn’t work with my Android’s default camera, but I prefer using Google Camera anyway. Either button will work on any of the apps and operating systems mentioned above. Also, I’ve tried using the remote shutter from across the room to test it for a group photo, and it totally works.

Got any new things from Daiso? Share!


15 thoughts on “Daiso Haul

  1. I LOVE Daiso, and I try not to go there too often haha. It always seems like there’s something I absolutely NEED to get (I don’t, really), or something that I feel won’t be there for long (it’s there next time I visit).

    • The kitchen items are especially fun to explore. They have the most amusing things, like a banana slicer! I only wish the crafting section here could be as varied as Daiso in Japan or the US.

  2. Lack of English instructions is usually the problem with Daiso products haha Nice finds though! Well, i just bought 12 rolls of tissue paper for only 88! Mas mura kesa supermarket.

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