Uniqlo UV Cut 400 Boston Clear Sunglasses

Doing a quick share today! Most days, I’m staring at a computer screen for work. The eye strain is a real problem, so I’ve been wearing the same pair of corrective glasses I’ve had since high school. Back then, narrow frames were trendy, but they can be a little annoying for their smaller range or coverage. I caved and got myself a new pair from Uniqlo.

Quick Specs: made in China ; Php 790

They’ve been helpful! No eye strain, since I’ve started using them. My old glasses are corrective, but I no longer need to wear them daily. In the end, I was only using them for the UV coating. I was already scouting for a new pair with bigger lenses when I found my friend, themigraineparty, wearing clear glasses for driving. At first, I thought it was just an accessory. Then again, my friend is a practical person who seems to appreciate the functionality of things.

That evening, I rushed to Uniqlo to get the glasses. Sadly, I missed the sale the previous week. I think the glasses were being offered for PHP 590, but I ignored them only because I didn’t look carefully at the UV label. Arg.

These clear glasses are made to be used with digital devices. I’m actually glad they didn’t cost as much as my old pair did. I was anticipating spending PHP 1,000 or more for my next pair, though I wish I could’ve gotten it at PHP 590.  Still a cheapskate. Lol.


7 thoughts on “Uniqlo UV Cut 400 Boston Clear Sunglasses

      • I am not sure about “pasma” but my sister who is a nurse said that it is not true. Yes, red veins. I feel like my eyes are always tired, and I also don’t have enough sleep. 😦

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