Back to the Basics Beauty Kit for Under Php 1,500 / Usd 33 and an FOTD

In 2015, I scarcely leave the house with no makeup on. Quite the opposite of 2009 when, as a harassed college student, I would always do makeup in the car en route to school. Mind you, I was a passenger, NOT the one driving, so I was able to focus on makeup application the entire way. Because of that habit, I have always just had a ready makeup kit that could do a whole look from scratch. Yes, I’m lugging around eye shadow, blush, and foundation all the time, but that’s already become my security blanket. Imagine what would happen if I left the house bare-faced with a full day of social activities ahead, only to realize that I left behind my precious cargo.

Trusty Makeup Bag (aka Precious Cargo)

That’s right, folks. It happened! I had to leave the house in a hurry to hitch a ride to an appointment. The vehicle was well on the way by the time I discovered that something important was missing from my bag. Oh bloody hell. Then I thought to turn it into a personal challenge, as well as an excuse to add to my stash.  (Spoken like a true beauty junkie…) I went to the drugstore to seek out a few key affordable products that I could do a complete look with. Here’s the result:

Maybelline on-the-go makeup set

My college self would approve! The items I got required no additional tools, since they could all be applied with the fingers. With a budget of PHP 1,500 (roughly about USD 33), I chose the following items that I will now expound on. BTW, I was pressed for time, so I decided to get all the items from one brand for two main reasons: One, I didn’t want to have to deal with many different SAs to explain what I need. Two, Maybelline is still on-sale until the end of the month.

The list is in the order of split-second decision / stranded-on-an-island priority:

  1. Maybelline White Superfresh Foundation Refill in 03 Natural  (PHP 199) — This one got me started, because I actually needed a new compact powder yesterday. My Pixy Two Way Cake is very nearly finished, and I don’t think they’re restocking before I run out.
  2. Maybelline Watershine Pure in MF21 (PHP 229 from PHP 299) — My first thought was how lipstick can double as blush. That and MF21 has been on my list since last, last year. This one looked both pigmented and glossy on the pucker. Twofer alert!
  3. Maybelline Fashion Brown Duo Shaper in Brown (PHP 299 from PHP 399)– Brows make me look more serious. I feel like it transforms me from looking like ‘I’m having fun with makeup’ to ‘I know my shizz’. To be honest, the pen can double as an eyeliner, whereas the powder can double as a shadow for the crease. MacGyver would be proud.
  4. Maybelline Dream Bouncy Blush in 10 Pink Frosting (PHP 329 from PHP 429)– I made a rookie mistake in high school, wearing foundation only to cover up discolorations and skipping blush. It was basically iZombie. I swore never to make that mistake again. Dream Bouncy Blush is a joy to poke, and the tester was easy to blend.
  5. Maybelline Color Tattoo 24-hr Gel-Cream Eyeshadow in 25 Bad to the Bronze (PHP 349 from PHP 379)– Eyeshadow was just the icing on top of the cake, since my main purpose was to select the bare essentials of makeup for definition. Bronze is my safe shadow color for all eternity, hence my first Bobbi Brown shadow being Burnt Sugar.

One-brand FOTD featuring Maybelline products

Conclusion: If you asked me to choose only five pieces of makeup to build a decent kit, this is my answer. If you asked me to shave it down to three pieces, I would do fine with only the first three on the list. The grand total for the set was actually PHP 1,405 as I availed of an additional, non-Maybelline/non-makeup item to score a freebie from Watsons. This whole exercise reminded me that drugstore makeup is the ol’ reliable backbone of my collection.

How would you build your own “emergency” makeup kit? Share below on the comments section!


16 thoughts on “Back to the Basics Beauty Kit for Under Php 1,500 / Usd 33 and an FOTD

  1. […] I think I tend to go against the grain, unintentionally, when it comes to beauty trends. Glossy lips for spring and summer are lovely to look at, but I got my glossy Maybelline Water Shine Pure Lipstick in MF21 (bought on sale for PHP 229; regular price at PHP 399) just as the rainy season began. To be fair, it was because of a mini makeup crisis I had when I forgot to bring my makeup kit. […]

    • Thanks for sharing! I couldn’t include mascara to the list as I would have to include a lash curler as well. :)) My lashes point downwards, so forgetting to curl leads to smudging tendencies.

    • Thanks, and thank you for sharing! The only complaint I have abt color tattoo is that it dries up fairly quickly. I stope it upside down to help maintain the moisture. Might get Inglot Duraline for my cream shadows and gel liners.

  2. Great picks! Still haven’t gotten over my Maybelline phase because of all the super cheap stuff they keep churning out. I have my eye on that Fashion Brow now; can’t wait for the in-depth review.

    Now sew that new kit onto your bag so you don’t have another panic attack lol

  3. I have the same lipstick! I knew MF21 sounded familiar! The color is nice, right? It’s a playful pop of color without looking as serious as a matte lipstick would.

    I did some swatches:

    You picked some great products for an emergency make-up kit! I also have one, just in case I suddenly have to attend an event. Let me know what you think of the Superfresh. I have one, and I noticed that it works best on its own. At first, I always used BB cream underneath it, and used the Superfresh to set, but I find that my makeup melts within hours!

    If used alone, the Superfresh seems to last so much longer and stays put!

  4. I’d probably just borrow makeup from a friend or co-worker hahahaha. But my emergency kit would just need blush, lipstick, a brow pencil, and mascara.

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