Happy Skin Shut Up & Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippie in First Kiss

Here’s the thing: I received two Happy Skin lipsticks last May, and they’re not from the limited edition releases that I usually buy from. Up until this day, I have not purchased a single “lippie” from Happy Skin’s regular line, even though my Shut Up & Kiss Me count is currently at seven (including the two regulars). At first, it was because I found the original collection’s colors to be… safe. As in, the colors seem like dupes of popular lipstick colors. (A red-red, a beige-y nude, a purplish wine, a cheerful pink…) Then the limited editions always felt much more unique, and I was probably pressured to buy before they were gone forever. I almost didn’t want to give Happy Skin Shut Up & Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippie in First Kiss (PHP 549) the time of day, but it’s somehow won me over.

Happy Skin Shut Up & Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippie in First Kiss

Quick Specs: 2.7 g ; made in Taiwan


Five Things About Happy Skin SU&KM First Kiss:

  • My first Happy Skin lipstick was The Morning After. Click here to read a thorough review.
  • While I read a lot of positive reviews about this particular shade, I wasn’t entirely sure I could pull it off. I’m used to what I call “Advanced Pinks”. Fuchsias, berries or plum-pinks that feel more complex, but not pink-pinks or bright pinks.
  • First Kiss is the cheerful pink I was talking about. It’s a vibrant Barbie pink when swatched, but the glowing, hot pink truly comes out once on the lips. That’s how much it pops on the face, but it’s not as intimidating as it seems. Initially, I was so self-conscious. I kept checking my reflection the first time to see if it gave off the wrong impression, but the longer I had it on, the longer it seemed fine. It quickly grew on me, partly because I already had a love for fuchsia lipsticks to begin with. I guess I’m more drawn to electric colors than I realize.
  • The formula is fairly creamy with a considerable amount of moisture and high pigmentation. Two swipes gets First Kiss fully opaque. The color doesn’t migrate to the corners, and I didn’t get any product on my teeth. At hour three, I could start to feel the dryness, but the lipstick remained fully pigmented. It gives about four hours of wear. *From my experience, Happy Skin lipsticks aren’t the kindest on lip lines.*
  • Reapplication is absolutely required after eating as this color doesn’t stay on or stains. The bold color ends up as an unsightly line around the lips.

First Kiss in an indoor/artificial light setting

Verdict: Okay, so I never said that the regular collection had bad colors. I was just looking for something more unique. First Kiss is a playfully in-your-face shade of perky pink that I might have underestimated, but it’s gotten me to come around and give the non-LE lipsticks of Happy Skin more credit.

First Kiss worn outdoors

*I received this product free-of-charge as part of a prize bag, but the opinions expressed here are entirely my own.


19 thoughts on “Happy Skin Shut Up & Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippie in First Kiss

    • Oo nga. I was thinking, “I might be too old for this color!” My friend was saying how shimmer can only be used in your teens, but I don’t agree. Haha. Glad it’s also not the case for bright lipsticks.

  1. Bright pinks are my go to favorite! My all time favorite bright pink is the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Sweetheart. I bring it out every summer and use it multiple days in a row until my family starts to think that that’s my natural lip color, haha.

  2. You’re not alone. None of the regular colors called my name and they seem very ‘wet’. So no go.

    First Kiss looks great on you.

    Random thought, have you tried mac all fired up. I have a sinking feeling that it will look perfect for you as a bold statement lipstick color.

    • I wanted Girls Night Out as a dupe for MAC Rebel, but I swatched them side-by-side. GNO is pinker and, yes, much wetter looking. Had to pass.

      This feels like cosmic timing. I was re-reading this post, and I only just noticed your comment. All Fired Up is the kind of popping color I like. Will swatch next trip. Thanks, Rae! 🙂

  3. Yer wearing it like a natural! It really brightens up your face.

    I didn’t know that they had non-LE lipsticks. Please stop me from swatching them :(( although the lip liner effect after eating is enough to make me think twice. I didn’t happen today when I wore tinted Baby Lips underneath, but still.

  4. Nice color on you! I think it’s not too loud on your skintone! It’s bagay naman! Hihi. I tend to be scared of creamy formulations because I love building up my lipsticks slowly. Haha!

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