The Body Shop Satsuma Body Mist

Philippine Independence Day this year was kind of a big deal. Aside from the general commemoration of Pinoy freedom, the city got pretty close to ghost town status. (Not as much of a ghost town as it becomes during a Pacquiao bout, but the considerably lighter traffic is always such a welcome sight.) People were out of town over the long weekend, and so the rest of us who stayed in the city got to enjoy a less crowded Independence Day sale experience. From The Body Shop, I was able to stock up on Shea Body Butter and grab myself a bottle of Satsuma Body Mist (PHP 297.50 at 50% off sale; regular price is PHP 595).

The Body Shop Satsuma Body Mist

Quick Specs: 100 ml / 3.3 US fl oz ; made in France



Five Things About The Body Shop Satsuma Body Mist:

  • When I was a little girl who already loved to swatch and sample, I remember going into The Body Shop at Robinson’s Galleria to check out one of their most popular products at the time, perfume oils. There were just so many that sheer excitement made me want to sniff everything. Unfortunately, the testers were in these big, fancy glass vials with glass droppers. One of the droppers slipped from my hands and broke! I got a mouthful from my mom who had to pay the equivalent of a month’s worth of my allowance as an early grade-school student. To this day, the packaging of The Body Shop fragrances scare the bejeezus out of me. The glass they use feels so fragile and thin, but I’m praying I’m not as much of a clumsy oaf as before.
  • Satsuma is the scent of ripe ponkan oranges, orange zest, and candied citrus in a single whiff. As with most citrus notes, it starts out fresh and opens up to something else. In this case, it turns sweet. It’s quite uplifting.
  • It was a choice between getting the Shea Butter Body Mist (to match my body butter) or Satsuma, and I settled on the latter because I found Shea Butter’s comforting scent associated with my bedtime routine that it might unintentionally lower my energy.
  • When I hear ‘body mist’ or ‘body splash’, I already know not to expect much longevity to come from a super diluted fragrance. True enough, after spraying on the tester, the time it took me to complete my shopping was also the time it took for over 70% of the fragrance to dissipate. That’s about an hour.
  • I got this on a whim, actually. My whole purpose for coming in was to get enough body butter to hold me over until the next major TBS sale in December. Flexing that hoarder muscle, I know. The matching body mist, oil, and eau de toilette were located on the shelf above the body butters, so it caught my attention. At less that PHP 300 on sale, it just felt like a nice little luxury without too much cause for buyer’s remorse.

Verdict: I’ve been using this as an evening post-bath, pick-me-up spray, and it’s an instant mood-lifter that fades away nicely by bedtime, for when I want to wind down. For that purpose or for having a quick, midday energy boost, the Satsuma Body Mist becomes a pleasing addition to the vanity or the bag.


10 thoughts on “The Body Shop Satsuma Body Mist

  1. I love citrus scents. What I do with body sprays, especially when I enjoy them, is use them as room fragrances and linen sprays, too. Although this might not be good to use on your pillow since citrus is energizing?

  2. Love this scent. I lovr citrus scent in general (except lemon). I have the satsuma burner oil, lotion and shower gel. The scent really is uplifting.

    Sometimes I take half a drop from the burner oil and use it as my perfume, probably not safe, but I don’t care 😛

    • Rae, it’s only unsafe in the sense that the extenders for burner oils are a bit “rough” on the skin (i.e. more people are prone to be irritated or have mild allergic reactions) so if your skin doesn’t react, it’s safe.

      • Thanks Tellie! I do get slightly irritated when I put it behind the ears but I get that reaction with other perfumes so I guess I’ll just stick to applying perfume on the wrists 😀

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