Hair By Vivere

After my major haircut two months ago, very little was left of my previous ombre DIY dye job. I had a mostly blank canvas (aka virgin hair strands) to play around with, so I excitedly rushed over to Vivere Salon (pronounced “Vee-veh-ray” with emphasis on the last syllable) to claim a permanent hair color voucher I got last month.

Vivere Salon Gateway Mall

Gift Certificate

Undeniably, Vivere Salon is a very chic establishment. It’s all floor-to-ceiling mirrors, floor-to-ceiling glass, spotlights, and shiny floors. Employees sport trendy cuts and color, complete with highlights. It’s reassuring to see, and you end up thinking, “These guys know what high-quality cut and color are.”


We proceeded to discuss my ideal hair color with stylist, Benj Avellanosa. I expressed my desire to go significantly lighter without resorting to bleaching, and we agreed on Schwarzkopf Igora 7-57 Medium Gold Copper Blonde.  It was either that or 7-56 Medium Gold Blonde, but 7-57 felt like it had more oomph on my skin tone. Then I was referred to Rain (or Reign?) to do the whole process. See the step-by-step:

Hair Color Swatches

Step 1: Washed and Blow-dried

Step 2, 3, and 4: Sectioning and applying dye to the lower portions of my hair, saran wrap and steaming, and applying dye to the roots

Before and After


The color on the roots turned out lighter than expected. Even Benj remarked that the roots were a bit light, but at least the overall look wasn’t flat. The color had some dimension to it. And because we started with black hair, the end result turned out to have a reddish tinge from the natural red pigments found in black hair. (It’s important to have realistic expectations from your colorist, especially when you take your natural hair color into consideration.)

In sunlight

I’m satisfied with the results as I was afraid of getting brassy or flat color, but what I have is neither. I feel like I got what I requested for, noticeably lighter hair that flatters my skin tone—sans bleach.

Rain, the colorist

In case you’re wondering, the regular price of this permanent hair color session for my length is PHP 3,000 / about USD 66. Hair color starts at PHP 1,500. It took about two hours from start to finish, but at least the salon has free wifi for clients. I was accompanied by a friend, so it didn’t feel like a long wait.

Service Menu / Pricelist

Thanks to Vivere Salon for the new look! By the way, they have an ongoing 30% off promotion on Keratin Complex treatment until July 31, 2015. Visit their Facebook page for promos and updates.

*I received this hair color voucher free-of-charge as part of a contest prize, but the opinions expressed here are entirely my own.*


15 thoughts on “Hair By Vivere

  1. I don’t usually like goden tone colors on chinitas but you pulled this off! Looks really rich when blow dried, but I do agree the roots are a bit light. I used to get that too, when I did my own hair dye.

  2. Love your new hair color! Sayang I have a GC from them before kaso na expire na ata. I’m just waiting for my hair to grow then I’ll have new hair color din sa salon, for now DIY muna 😀

  3. The color really suits you and I agree with the comments above, you do look fairer with that hair color. 😀
    I also go to Vivere Salon (Rob Manila branch) when I want to get my hair colored or permed because my stylist (for I think more than 5 years) started working there a year ago. 🙂

    • I wasn’t so sure how this would come out. I usually pick reds for the same reason, they flatter my skin tone. Glad to know I can go the other way and it works out… I forgot to ask if they do root touch ups.

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