Maybelline Watershine Pure Lipstick in MF21

I think I tend to go against the grain, unintentionally, when it comes to beauty trends. Glossy lips for spring and summer are lovely to look at, but I got my glossy Maybelline Water Shine Pure Lipstick in MF21 (bought on sale for PHP 229; regular price at PHP 399) just as the rainy season began. To be fair, it was because of a mini makeup crisis I had when I forgot to bring my makeup kit.

Maybelline Watershine Lipstick in MF21

Quick Specs: 3.9 g / 0.15 oz  ; made in China


Glossy from the tube

Swatched light and heavy

Five Things:

  • The Water Shine (Wet Shine) line from Maybelline has been around since the time I started getting into makeup. In fact, two colors (Cotton Candy and Cocoa “something”) from the very first Water Shine collection were part of my very first beauty stash that I had to save up for months to build. Aaah, it’s a walk down memory lane for me… While Maybelline in the US has already discontinued Water Shine, it still lives on here in Asia.
  • Each Water Shine line has its own packaging variation on the squarish plastic tube. The original WS was a sparkly, glossy silver. (If you remember that, you’re probably a 90’s kid.) WS Diamonds was also sparkly and glossy, but in pink. Water Shine Pure packaging, on the other hand, is distinct with its shiny, metallic light blue without the sparkles. I even remember thinking that it veered away from the WS series I grew up with altogether, so I wasn’t exactly quick to embrace it. Now, I love that it has a modern yet timeless design. Still looks good to me!
  • The formula of Water Shine Pure is also different in the sense that it’s actually glossy-looking in addition to light-catching pigments, versus the original WS frosted-looking lipstick with just the light-reflecting pigments. (I can do all the comparisons in the world to the old WS, but this collection is the sole survivor.) When I say “glossy”, I don’t mean a glazed, plastic look. I’m referring to a subtle lip balm sheen (by today’s standards) with very fine shimmer pigments, but it was already considered high-gloss back in the day.
  • MF21 is a rosy pink with a touch of plum that doesn’t migrate once applied. It doesn’t leave a stain, either. It’s the most unique color in the collection, IMHO, as the rest are light pinks, reds, and nudes. This one has that can’t-quite-put-a-finger-on-it factor. The coverage is sheer, but this color works well with naturally reddish lips. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of other color choices when it comes to this line.
  • I appreciate that this packs on a lot of moisture while delivering a decent amount of pigment for a glossy lipstick, but . It’s got an hour of comfortable, lip balm-like wear. Two hours is the limit.

In sunlight/bright light

Indoors, warm light

Verdict: Coming up with a conclusion based on today’s lip product standards, I’d liken the Maybelline Watershine Pure line to a tinted lip balm with light to medium pigmentation, depending on the color you choose. With that in mind, this PHP 399 lippie is already considered the cheaper of the imported tinted lip balms.


10 thoughts on “Maybelline Watershine Pure Lipstick in MF21

  1. it looks so pretty! Unfortunately that color doesn’t flatter my skin tone as much as it does for you.. But now I’m interested in this line from maybelline, I’ll be heading on the department stores and swatch away hahaha

    • I hope you find something you like from the watershine line. It’s been overshadowed by the newer releases from Maybelline, but it’s good stuff.

  2. I’ve never really been keen on following seasonal make-up rules so yes, yes, yes to wearing shiny lipgloss for the rainy season! 😀 I’ve never owned a Maybelline lipstick before. I was a hardcore Covergirl… girl. Have you tried Essence lipsticks? I think they’re similar to the Maybelline Watershine. 🙂

    • I’m the opposite. Haven’t tried CG lipsticks yet, but I totally want to. I’ll have a look at Essence. I’ve only swatched Essence glosses, but didn’t find anything that called out to me despite the sale.

    • The lipstick topped with gloss was such a huge deal in the 00’s, so I get why this felt so modern. :)) It does cross over into pigmented gloss category…

  3. I actually remembered owning one years back. It glides on smoothly like it melts when it touches the lips, and feels like water on the lips. Parang may #throwback moment ako when I read this. Hihi

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