Muji Cleansing Oil

My last Japanese cleansing oil, the famed DHC Deep Cleansing Oil, is down to its last five uses. Heartbreak! But will the Japanese-beauty streak continue? I’ve gotten Muji Cleansing Oil (PHP 300+) this time, to see if it holds a candle to its cult-favorite predecessor.

Muji Cleansing Oil (bottle is bought full; I’ve used it on several occasions by the time this photo was taken)

Quick Specs: 50 ml ; made in Japan

Five Things About Muji Cleansing Oil:

  • What attracted me to this tiny bottle is its travel-friendly size and sturdy packaging. It’s a basic cylindrical bottle made of hard plastic that doesn’t get squashed inside your luggage. The snap lid fits tightly, so I didn’t experience any spills. I’ve been seeing full-sized bottles on the internet, but not in the store branches of Muji Philippines. (By the way, why doesn’t the local Muji bother with English labels on their beauty products?! How are people supposed to know what’s in them or how to use them?)
  • Being able to emulsify a cleanser/cleansing oil properly is a big deal to me. Since using both DHC and Philosophy Purity, I’ve learned to observe how a face cleanser comes into contact with water. A highly emulsifying cleanser usually requires less product to take makeup off. It also feels less oily after the rinsing. Muji’s does not interact with water very well. (See photo below.) As opposed to Philosophy or DHC that both require damp skin for optimal melting of makeup, the Muji Cleansing Oil has to say pure and dry. Even then, it requires a lot of rubbing to remove makeup. Afterwards, there’s a slightly oily feeling to the skin that disappears once the face is dry. It’s residue, though, and I find it bothersome.
  • Has a faint olive oil scent from the bottle, but the amount required to remove a full face of makeup doesn’t give off any noticeable scent.
  • It doesn’t work on waterproof makeup, and it also didn’t fare well with a water-resistant eyeliner I was using. I cleansed my lids twice, paying special attention to the lash line area, but black smudges still remained.
  • If it emulsified as well as DHC, then the PHP 300 + would sound reasonable.

After rubbing 50 times each… Left: Cleansing oil used on dry skin; Right: On damp skin

Verdict: Its strongest point lies in its practical packaging design. I am left unimpressed by the formula, so now I’m off to try micellar water.


14 thoughts on “Muji Cleansing Oil

  1. The Muji Cleansing oil is not used as a facial wash like Shu. It has to be used as a makeup remover; put the oil on cotton and wipe it on your face. Used this way, it effectively removes make up (even foundation, eye liners and mascara) for me. Plus it does’t dry your skin. You can buy in big bottles in japan. I love this cleansing oil so much that I’m searching the net on where I can buy one as the Muji stores in the Philippines price the small bottle so high.

    • I did try the same method of using it dry instead of diluted, but the formula just didn’t work for me. I do have products that take off more makeup with much less effort.

  2. Ugh. I have the same thing, albeit the sensitive skin variant. It’s only good for removing foundation. And even then I find it only works if you wipe the oil off with a towel first, then wash with foam

  3. I bought the travel-sized bottle in the Family Mart near our hotel when we went to Japan last April. I forgot to bring my Mac cleansing oil so I was forced to buy this just to have something to remove my makeup with. I am not very impressed with this when it comes to removing waterproof eyeliner or mascara but it’s good na if you would just need something to remove powders and light makeup no?

  4. Nice review. I often wonder why makers of a product put out products that don’t do what they say. I’m a big fan of oils to clean with. I just make my own 🙂 thank you for the review!

  5. Thanks for the review! I’ve been curious about this. I always do 2 step cleansing – oil cleanser then followed by micellar water. I find that oils remove the majority of my face makeup, but they’re not 100% effective in removing all waterproof eye makeup so I still use an eye makeup remover specifically. I have DHC in my stash, I should use it next! 🙂

    • I do the double cleansing, too, but twice with an emulsifying cleansing oil. If I’m feeling particularly gunky, I’ll also wash my face with foaming wash twice. (I stick to a non-drying face wash, so the skin doesn’t get too stripped.) Use the DHC. I hope you’ll love it. 🙂

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