The Flawless Facial Experience

Pardon me for the hiatus. I was overwhelmed the last 30 days, so now I’m slowly catching up. It would be cool to say that I got a relaxing All-natural Ultimate White Facial from Flawless after the dust has settled, but that wasn’t the case. The spa day actually happened before I got super busy, so these photos have been in my phone for nearly a month. (For shame!) I have a lot to say, however, so no worries.

The treatment lasted approximately 1.5 hours from start to finish. I thought it was going to be a speedy facial at 30 minutes tops, since I was told over the phone that it primarily consisted of exfoliation. Having experienced an exfoliating facial before from Philosophy,  I assumed it would be similar in the sense that it’d be a chance to sample Flawless-brand skincare products that I could later purchase at their shop. Apparently not. This was the real-deal, full-on facial that originally costs (PHP 1,600).

Pink Room

Flawless’ branch in Farmer’s Plaza, Cubao was the setting for my spa day. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to take any photos of the branch as there were a lot of people at the sitting room looking at me funny for photographing things. I can tell you that it is clean and has a relaxing ambiance, including lighting and scent. Instrumental music and in-store ads played the entire time on “Flawless radio”. There were a little too many ads, IMHO, but at least the instrumental take on pop songs was actually quite pleasant.

Clockwise from Top-Left: Each stage of the facial in chronological order; laser wand


Mint mask and fan

Moving on to the treatment proper… First, my skin was cleansed (with a mild foaming cleanser that is apparently only available for in-clinic use, sadly), then given an oil massage. Then I got the the manual exfoliation (using a micro-beaded face wash) and a very pleasant hand massage, complete with warming mittens. The most painful part was naturally the extraction, but you get the idea. This was followed by a laser to re-seal the pores and a minty mask. My raw face almost couldn’t take the mask due to the stinging vulnerability of freshly exfoliated and extracted-upon skin, but the attendant had an electric fan aimed at my face. The stinging became bearable, even pleasantly cooling. Finally, I was sent off with a moisturized face and a warning not to wash for eight hours.

Hygienic Personal Clinic Kit

Notably, Flawless is strict with hygiene. I got my own sealed clinic kit, containing cotton pads, a disposable headband, gauze, and a sterilized extractor. The exfoliators and creams had their own plastic containers, so no double-dipping. The service was also excellent, with the attentive therapist having light hands. She would periodically ask me if the pressure was okay or if I felt too much discomfort. Quite important as clients are sometimes too shy to say that the stinging is too much to bear or that the extractions are AAAAAH-OUCH.

The All-natural Ultimate White Facial is meant to encourage skin renewal and lightening, so the goal is to brighten skin and help diminish acne scars and discolorations.


Verdict: I am generally terrified by extractions, but the treatment was, overall, luxurious. It’s focused on the face with its many massages and topically-applied concoctions. From what I experienced, I believe that that level of exfoliation will help along the healing of acne scars.  In between each stage of the facial, there were appropriate amounts of waiting time to get the products absorbed into the skin and/or just to let you relax. PHP 1,600 is on the pricey side, but Flawless offers promotions such as Beauty Takeoff (Buy 3 sessions, get 2 free.)

For more info on Flawless products and services, visit their Facebook page and website.


*I received the facial voucher free-of-charge as part of a contest prize, but the opinions expressed here are entirely my own.*


6 thoughts on “The Flawless Facial Experience

    • Yeah. I was so surprised as well. She noticed me squirming from the discomfort of the mask, then immediately offered the fan. Honestly, I’m THAT customer who’s too shy to make a fuss. Haha.

  1. I never tried any of the Flawless facials before but now that you have written about them, I think I’d like to try it one of these days. I have ugly pimple marks on my chin area. P1600 is indeed a bit pricey but I usually just have facials once in two months. I like how you say that are hygienic and all. It’s very important that all tools they use are sterilized and all.

    • True! I’m incredibly paranoid about tools. Even at the dentist, I tend to eye the hooks warily. At least, there’s peace of mind. Helps to enjoy the rest of the session as well. 🙂

  2. Seems like a good deal to me! I never had any facials because I am also afraid of the extractions. My husband once did, and he said it is painful. Hehe.

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