Beauty Influencer’s Sunday Column Vol.12: ​​Do you regularly toss expired makeup?

Do you regularly toss expired makeup?

MELISSA | Switzerland | Kiss & Make-up
I don’t. The only product that I more or less respect the expiry date of is mascara, but that’s it. Apart from that I just trust my senses. If something starts to smell funny, starts to look different or changes in texture I’ll toss it out. NO MERCY! 😉

MATROMAO | Philippines | FoodWorldMe
No, I hang on to them forever! Just kidding, but I do keep them for longer than the suggested toss-by date. That is, except for mascaras and cream-type makeup that tend to change in consistency, scent, and quality much faster than other makeup mediums. (In this tropical, bacteria-friendly heat, three months brings about congealing and cracking!) Powders survive the longest in my stash, while lipsticks are constantly moved by my using them up or giving them away. Most of the time, I’ll play by ear. If it starts to smell and feel funky, then to the trash it goes.

SHEILA | Canada | Maddy Loves
Sadly, I don’t. I’m really terrible at keeping track of when makeup expires, and 99.9% of the time, I just go by the product’s texture/scent when deciding whether to keep or throw.

SUNNY | Belgium | Mostly Sunny Blog
I routinely throw out mascaras and liquid eyeliners, but not really anything else! I am more careful with my eyes, especially when it comes to products that cannot be cleaned/sanitized. For other types of liquids/creams, I’d only throw out when they don’t look/smell right anymore (separating, drying out, and so on). Most powder products seem like they can be kept for quite some time, so I haven’t really had to get rid of a lot of those.

JAA | Thailand | Hello Jaa
I do, but only with liquid eyeliners and mascaras. Everything else I keep until I notice a change in texture and/or scent. I try to be proactive about keeping my makeup clean where I can. For example, I make sure my hands and vanity are clean before I start putting on makeup. I rarely ever share my makeup with anyone. I dab cream and liquid products on the back of my hand and apply with a separate applicator to prevent possible contamination. I also keep my makeup only in a dry area away from sunlight and humidity.

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4 thoughts on “Beauty Influencer’s Sunday Column Vol.12: ​​Do you regularly toss expired makeup?

  1. What a great topic, and it’s a relief to read that others don’t toss their cosmetics right when the packaging states. I too, keep things beyond the date stamped onto the container unless the product texture / smell has changed. Those expiry dates are there more to protect the manufacturer, not the consumer! That said, I do adhere to the 3 months lifespan for mascaras just because they’re inexpensive to replace. 🙂

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