Improvised Brush Drying System

It sounds way cooler than it looks, but it works just fine. In an effort to cut costs on the beauty front, I decided to employ a hanger and a bunch of rubber bands to help air-dry my makeup brushes upside down. With this position, gravity assists in getting rid of moisture, especially in the area where the glue holds the hairs together.

Not-so-chic, but cheap

By the way, I got the distinctly-colored rubber bands from National Bookstore for PHP 19.75 in a bid to distinguish them from the rubber bands being used as office supplies at home. Wouldn’t want my brush handles to be dirtied by them.

Bight Yellow Rubber Bands for less than $0.50

That’s it for now! I have to get back to my deadlines.


9 thoughts on “Improvised Brush Drying System

  1. Great idea! I press out the water and wipe them on a towel, but you’re right, that’s going to move all the remaining moisture down to the glue part. I usually just pretend not to know when I last washed them hahaha.

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