Happy Skin Shut Up & Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippie in Bride-To-Be

Being my predictable old self, I shopped the limited edition summer Happy Skin collection for that one standout item that I just had to have. It’s a Shut Up & Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippie from the Beauty in Bloom release in Bride-To-Be (PHP 599 regular price; got on sale for PHP 540) this time. Spoiler alert: It’s the pretty packaging and girly color that sparked the desire!

Happy Skin Shut Up and Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippie

Quick Specs: 2.7 g ; made in Taiwan


Top: Bride-to-be; Bottom: The Morning After

Five Things About Happy Skin Shut Up & Kiss Me in Bride-To-Be:

  • Though the plastic tube for the lipstick remains the same, the design of the boxes that the Beauty in Bloom products are packaged in is a beaut. I kind of end up wishing those could be their regular packaging.
  • The box has a cheat sheet! On the barcode, it actually describes the color as “Rosy Pink”. I beg to differ. I’m describing this as a light, salmon kind of pink, and that’s the most spot-on description I can muster. It’s true salmon pink from the tube, the packaging, and the swatch. On my naturally pigmented lips, the color comes out a little milky or whitish against my skin tone. Honestly, I was expecting something more MLBB-esque (my-lips-but-better) in the same vein as Happy Skin’s phenomenal lipstick hit, The Morning After. (Where on earth did I get that MLBB idea?!) This is flattering, too, for my subtler looks. It complements lighter shadows, but makes me look washed-out with smokey eyes.
  • Is it me, or does this feel drier than usual? SU&KM lippies are known to be neither particularly drying nor particularly moisturizing. This seems to be the tie-breaker. It leans towards creamy-thick and slightly drying.
  • Due to the feel, I usually give it two hours before I re-apply or moisturize my lips.
  • Because of the sale price, it became slightly cheaper than the regular collection (PHP 549). I also got another limited edition color from the Liz Uy collaboration that I’ll be reviewing later.

*I also reviewed SU&KM in First Kiss, aside from The Morning After.

Verdict: Bride-To-Be stands its ground for having a unique shade of pink that isn’t easily found in the usual collection of local brands. However, the color didn’t turn out to be as versatile as I had hoped. Still, it’s pretty enough that I’ll let it slide


10 thoughts on “Happy Skin Shut Up & Kiss Me Moisturizing Lippie in Bride-To-Be

  1. I like it on you 😀 I’m still planning to get Hold My Hand since my skin is a lot warmer than yours and I like brown-y MLBBs 🙂 I’m still searching for a nice MLBB for my third year in college because I think that profs will be strict with makeup usage XD

  2. Too bright for my taste, and our skin is close-ish though I think I’m sliiightly warmer. It’s an okay baby-doll kind of pink but still nowhere near the atrocity of the Kris Aquino shade.

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