Pixi by Petra Mesmerizing Mineral Palette in Rich Gold

Ultimately, I can think of only two types of makeup that can tempt me to impulse buy: lipsticks (whichever one I covet at the moment) and neutral eyeshadows. They’re the most wearable members of my collection, so it’s hard to pass up the opportunity to get them, especially when on sale. I scored this Pixi by Petra Mesmerizing Mineral Palette in Rich Gold (PHP 620 at Glamourbox) from a friend who was doing a major de-stashing.

Pixi Eyeshadow Palette in Rich Gold

Quick Specs: 5.76 g / 0.20 oz ; made in China


Swatched, color description from left to right: Sheer Pale Gold, Rosy Bronze, Copper Gold, Bronze, Silvery Bronze, Charcoal with Yellow Gold Shimmer

Five Things About Pixi by Petra Mesmerizing Mineral Palette:

  • I like the unusual packaging. It’s opened like a lengthwise pad, instead of the usual crosswise. That’s not a major innovation in the field of eyeshadows, but it’s distinct. I do like that the plastic material is thick and the lid transparent. It’s the nice heft that gives it a sturdy feel, though only time will tell with the hinges. The see-through lid makes it easy to spot in my drawer.
  • Rich Gold features a well-curated selection of golds that I find wearable. (See the enumeration of the colors above.) The first five shadows have that single-shade metallic finish, while the last one is a two-tone black with gold pigments that emerge from when the light hits it. All are finely milled. Rosy Bronze and Copper Gold has the most pigmentation in the palette, while the last two shades are darker but prone to streaks.
  • Of all the shadows I’ve tried, Pixi’s texture falls squarely in the middle. It’s got the slightest dryness you’d expect from baked shadows, perhaps owing to the mineral qualities, but still exhibits plenty of softness.
  • You cannot expect high pigmentation from this palette, because the powder is so light. Even when you layer the stuff on, you’ll only get to medium coloring at most. However, that same lightness makes the colors so easy to blend together. I’ve been practicing contouring with this, and it’s hard to mess it up.
  • Again, because of the nature of the powder, longevity is not the most ideal. It fully creases on me in four hours, regardless of if I went outdoors or stayed in an air conditioned room. Primer might help, though I rarely bother.

Verdict: While the eyeshadow experts might dread the low pigmentation and longevity, I’d go ahead and recommend Pixi Mesmerizing Mineral Palette to those who want to work on their contouring skills on a daily basis without the risk of looking punched in the eye. It’s hard to screw up, so slapping it on in a hurry is a-okay. I’ve done it a few times, myself.


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