Daiso Shangri-la Plaza is Officially Open!

Are you a Daiso-holic? I think I can’t deny anymore that I am. I’ve shared a beauty haul and an office haul before, but I’ll soon be sharing the major haul that just happened when I was invited by Daiso to attend their Shangri-la Plaza branch’s opening. But first, a little info on this worldwide sensation of a Japanese value store:

Daiso Japan

Originating from Japan, Daiso is a popular supplier of living ware goods, known for value items that retail for JPY 100. Anything you could think of, and even stuff you haven’t thought up, you will usually stumble across inside those highly-addictive stores. Since opening its first shop in the 70’s, Daiso has branched out all over the world with stores in countries like Korea, Australia, USA, Brazil, and the Philippines. Locally, Robinsons Retail Holdings Inc. holds the exclusive sub-license to sell authentic Daiso merchandise from Japan and operates the legitimate Daiso Japan store concept in the Philippines. There are currently over 40 branches in the Philippines already, and more are on the way. Yasss! Feed my addiction! So now let’s move onto their newest branch that opened just last August 28 at Shangri-la Plaza:

Packed! By the time I was taking photos, it was impossible to find a spot that didn’t have swarms of people.

From my experience, making the trip to store openings is usually worth the time and effort for two reasons: First, you’ll appreciate the opening day promotions, especially if you’re already a loyal patron of the brand to begin with. Second, there are often fun activities  and freebies lined up. I have also gone to the opening of Handyman, another brand under Robinsons Retail Holdings Inc., and there was free popcorn for any purchase. It’s a nice little bonus when you’re in there buying hardware. (lol) Granted, you’ll be in a crowded place as there are bound to be others who appreciate a good deal as much as you do, so some level of patience is involved.

Hand Soap Promo

Laundry Detergent Promo

Dish Washing Soap Promo

Like a wise consumer, I already did my research prior to setting foot in the store. I knew that the dish washing liquid, laundry detergent, and hand soap had buy-1-get-1 deals. I like that they chose practical household items to put on promotion. Regularly used items means all the more reason to stock up!

Further inspection brought me to these displays:

Baking Tools

Colorful Umbrellas

House mats at Buy-1-Get-the-2nd-at-50%-Off

Brush Eggs, yo!

Aaaand I ran into these lovely ladies:

Fellow bloggers, Tellie and Liz. Also saw Helen a bit later.

Finally, the shopping was done.

This happened.

I’ll share the full haul later, but I did get free green tea ice cream as I was standing in line. I was also given a small bag of Jagabee Potato Snacks upon entering.

Green Tea Goodness

Congratulations to Daiso on the latest branch! I had a blast shopping for… everything. Haul post coming next!

For more information on Daiso Philippines, check out their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.


*Bloggers and media partners were invited to the opening by Daiso Philippines. We were treated to GCs to pick out our favorite items.  I was not paid or otherwise compensated for this . Save for some facts presented from the press kit, the opinions expressed here are entirely my own.*


4 thoughts on “Daiso Shangri-la Plaza is Officially Open!

  1. I love Daiso! I’m addicted to bento-making stuff. Thanks for posting this 🙂

    How were the dishwashing liquids? I wasn’t really happy with the ones I bought from these P88 stores. Parang nothing compares to Joy for removing grease and making things squeaky clean.

    But I do love checking out Daiso – you never know what contraption you’ll find – things that you suddenly realize you needed in your life! Will be dropping by to get one of those brush eggs!

  2. […] My Instagram feed is flooded with the latest on beauty trends, but I can’t always follow. There may be tons of products I’m dying to try, but there simply isn’t a budget for everything. Next best thing is to wait for cheap alternatives to come along. Thus was the case of the Brush Egg. I was perfectly content hand-washing brushes (like in the olden days lol!) until I got my hands on a Daiso Egg Brush Cleaner aka Daiso Egg Laundry Board (PHP 88 / USD 2) from their Shangri-la Plaza branch’s opening event. […]

  3. omg masmaganda ung daiso nyo compared to us here. we dont have those cute mats, brush eggs, and baking tools. fellow daisy (and japan home) addict over here lol! i was going to do a daiso haul post too but i kept putting it off hihi. hindi na nga ata available ung mga older organizer stuff na nahaul ko noon 😛

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