Smart Shopping at BeautyMNL

I have been watching and waiting for the opportunity to get the best deals online.  While it does take a considerable amount of patience and restraint to prevent you from “closing in for the kill” too early, the end result is usually well-worth the wait. Take BeautyMNL, for instance. I’ve probably been checking their newsletters and Instagram account since summer to create a wishlist and to wait it out for a satisfying sale. When something finally caught my eye, I was ready!

Fresh from BeautyMNL

Read more about the experience…

So what was the big deal? BeautyMNL Gift Cards were on sale for 30% off! That, and I already had gift cards from BeautyMNL worth PHP 200 for being one of the winners of their #selfieMNL Contest. (Aaah, the plot thickens…) So I called up V (aka themigraineparty), fellow beauty addict, to enable/disable me on the gift cards. As it turns out, she enabled this time, even purchasing more GCs than I did!

V didn’t want to deal with the PHP 50 delivery fee or feel pressured to spend immediately for the 10% rebate, so we used my account for the purchase. The rebate was mine to use up. Our cash-on-delivery order was placed on the last week of July, and it arrived within two days. From the three occasions I’ve purchased from them, BeautyMNL delivers on time. Et voila!

Give me some credit

The lowdown on the BeautyMNL Gift Cards:

  1. They are, indeed, non-expiring. As I’ve said, I’ve had my PHP 200 GC since the summer, and it was still usable when I finally had all my GCs together. But…
  2. Just don’t enter the codes until you’re ready to use them in the near future. Once inputted on the site, the cards turn into credits with use-by dates. I intended to use mine on August 30, 2015, so I keyed the codes in then. The BeautyMNL site listed the credits as expiring on August 29, 2017. That’s two years away, but I don’t want to risk forgetting all about them.
  3. Gift cards can be used in conjunction with other promotions. I’ve read accounts on how some customers were able to purchase GCs on sale and wait until the there was a site-wide sale to use the credits. The gift cards can also be used with rebate credits as was the case when I made my purchase. If you gift the GCs to a friend, they could also use those and the 20% off first purchase promotion together. (The 20% off thing has just ended, though.)
  4. The Gift Cards come in PHP 1000, 500, 200, and 100 denominations. What amount should you get? To be on the safe side, I’d recommend the PHP 200 denominations. It could be a hassle to keep writing 16-digit codes for PHP 100s, especially when you’re in a hurry. PHP 1,000 is kind of big, unless you like bulk purchases or high-end buys. If you’re like me who prefers to buy one or two items at a time or are the type to stick to drugstore brands, PHP 200 doesn’t force you into a commitment to buy more for the sake of using up the credits.

So now I’m sharing my purchase and the value breakdown behind it:

Chanel Rouge Allure Lipstick in Pirate

I used PHP 200 from the #selfieMNL contest + PHP 500 rebate from V and my joint purchase + GCs at 30% off. You do the math. In the end, the Chanel lipstick cost less than a lipstick from MAC. The stacked discounts/freebies amounted to more than 50% off the original price. Sweet, right?

By the way, BeautyMNL Gift Cards are on sale once more until September 19, 2015. 20% off, this time.

*Apart from the PHP 200 worth of gift cards I won from BeautyMNL’s contest back in the summer, the remaining GCs were purchased with my own money. V and I were not paid or otherwise compensated to feature BeautyMNL.*


4 thoughts on “Smart Shopping at BeautyMNL

  1. Holy shit that’s an awesome deal! Chanel all the way. Mac’s too over hyped and too expensive over here anyway. If I were in the states then sure I’d but some Mac 🙂

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