Daiso Egg Brush Cleaner

My Instagram feed is flooded with the latest on beauty trends, but I can’t always follow. There may be tons of products I’m dying to try, but there simply isn’t a budget for everything. Next best thing is to wait for cheap alternatives to come along. Thus was the case of the Brush Egg. I was perfectly content hand-washing brushes (like in the olden days lol!) until I got my hands on a Daiso Egg Brush Cleaner aka Daiso Egg Laundry Board (PHP 88 / USD 2) from their Shangri-la Plaza branch’s opening event.

Quick Specs: made in China

The little background story behind this find is that I didn’t even notice the display until a friend, Tellie, pointed it out. I basically went, “Whaaat?! Where???” And we all ended up grabbing these silicone brush cleaners. The reason why we didn’t spot them immediately was because the display wasn’t even it the beauty section. These egg-shaped contraptions are being marketed as Silicone Scrubbing Board Handy and Soft and Egg Laundry Board, with matching photo of a sock getting scrubbed, so the display was lumped with other laundry items. Moral lesson: Be patient in scanning the Daiso aisles for hidden gems.

I was able to put this baby to the test today, and here’s what went down…

It’s an effective way to scrub all sorts of brushes, from the large fluffy powder brush to the fine eyeliner brush, thanks to the ridged surface (for the larger brushes) and the stubby mini bristles (for finer brushes). I used a soft face wash to clean my brushes this time around, and the lather created was as fine as shaving cream. Makeup pigments immediately colored the foam.

You could hold it like a bar of soap or insert fingers into the opening at the bottom. Either way, pruney fingers are inevitable. It’s also still advisable to touch the brush hairs with your bare fingers after washing to ensure that all traces of soap are gone.

Verdict: Brush Egg dupe alert!! It’s much more… fun using a brush egg/laundry board than swirling a soapy brush against my bare palm. At PHP 88, it’s one of those multi-purpose items you could certainly afford to experiment with. You just gotta know what aisle in Daiso to look in. 😉


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