50 Things That Make Me Happy

Hi, folks! I notice that I’ve stuck to review and event coverage posts these last few months, and isn’t that a little impersonal? For a change, I want to share a little more about myself by listing down Fifty Things That Make Me Happy. Saw it from Stash Matters, and you can read about her list HERE.

*Note: It’s not Fifty Shades and, no, this list does not include said book/movie. Lol.*

1. Fall. There are no four seasons where I’m from, but I like the colder weather and the holiday cheer. I also appreciate the fall collections of fashion houses.
2. A new lipstick cheers me up in a flash.
3. Starbucks Frappucino: Espresso, Green Tea, or Mocha.
4. Attempting to complete my goodreads challenge. Every book finished is a ‘Ha!’ to prove the pledge wrong. I’m constantly 11 books behind, though.

5. Charcoal-colored clothes.
6. “Feel Good Movie of the Year” I usually watch one movie that I’ll want to re-watch again and again throughout the year. Past titles include Forgetting Sarah Marshall and The Incredible Burt Wonderstone. This year, it’s surprisingly a Filipino movie called, You’re My Boss.

7. Petrichor, the smell of rain.
8. Pretty bags that aren’t overpriced.
9. Reading blogs with a lot of personality. Not just reviews, but experiences. I love a good story-teller.
10. Maraschino cherries on top of things.
11. I enjoy the actual process of getting dolled up more than walking around with the makeup on.
12. Completing a knitting project.

13. New pens, 0.5 mm or more.
14. Rainy weather. If it weren’t for the ridiculous traffic during the rainy season, I actually like the sweater weather.
15. Road trips. I usually sleep on long rides, but going somewhere for an adventure is fun.
16. Beauty shopping at Christmas. All the most tempting GWPs and bundles are hard to resist.
17. Even better for the wallet is beauty shopping after Christmas. Holiday sets on sale, yo’!
18. Kikomachine Komix.
19. Hole-in-the-wall casual dining places.
20. Hola magazine, the perfect mix of showbiz and trends.
21. Vogue for when I want to broaden my horizons. With only The Devil Wears Prada as my introduction to Vogue back in high school, I didn’t have the nicest impression to start. But the articles are actually thought-provoking!
22. Opening a fresh bag/bar of chocolates.
23. Swatching trips at the department store.
24. Still trying to learn French.
25. Watching cooking shows is fun but torturous.
26. Getting nostalgic with music: N*SYNC, Britney, BSB, and Spice Girls!
27. Flats and wedges are a godsend.

28. Cooking with eggs. I’m rubbish at it, but I like working with such a versatile ingredient.
29. Online window shopping.
30. Reading the dessert menu first, even though I don’t always get to order dessert.
31. I love my current lighter hair color, but I hate the upkeep.
32. Listening to my iPod instantly lifts my mood.
33. Candy Crush.
34. Celebrity What’s-in-My-Bag features.
35. Byrdie.com The lists are addictive.

36. Sephora, in person and on the website.
37. Good-haircut high. It’s one thing to get a new haircut. It’s another thing to wash your hair and find that you still love it afterwards.
38. Memory foam anything.
39. I can watch the E! channel all day.
40. Stacked discounts don’t come by often in the Philippines, so I’m over the moon when a local site like BeautyMNL allows it.
41. Hilarious Youtube videos.
42. Grow-it-yourself vegetables and fruits. I’ve had luck with bitter melon and sweet potatoes. Still waiting on my squash.
43. Random Hong Kong siu mei and dim sum restaurants (aka carinderia aka eateries), where all charsiu pork or roast duck is generally delicious. These restaurants  have about a hundred menu items ranging from breakfast to midnight snacks. They’ll have rice meals, and they’ll also have steak-and-spaghetti.
44. Suddenly noticing the bright blue sky outside.
45. Getting the occasional paperback book. Despite the invention of e-book readers, I still miss holding the physical copy of books.
46. Cooking with a convection oven. No burnt sides on anything!
47. Flowers where they belong, on the ground! Bouquets kinda make me sad. I’d rather be able to make them grow.
48. Stuffed animals. I don’t know… I’m still into them.

49. Maybe I’m biased because of Alicia and Milo, but I love Maltese. Little white cotton balls!
50. A sunny beach in winter. Does that make sense? It’s a sunny day, but the wind is cool. You sit on the beach to read or have a picnic. It feels so nice that you’ll want to stay all day.

So that’s my list! Feel free to share yours by commenting below. 🙂


2 thoughts on “50 Things That Make Me Happy

  1. Ooh cool! I just did my happy list din today! 😀

    Most of the things you mentioned, di ko napapansin madalas but are real blessing. Like yung clear blue sky and flowers in bloom. Also, I loved how you pulled of stacked discounts. I was actually browsing BeautyMNL for that too and thought pwede na may rebate naman. Then I saw your magic budgeting skills that got you your Chanel lipstick. Ang galing lang! 😀

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