ColourPop Lippie Stix in Flawless

I’m giddy that the Christmas countdown has started, and I’m just as giddy to pick out my fall lipstick. I usually change my default makeup drastically at this point of the year. It’s what I love most about fall: Dramatic reinvention. I picked up a ColourPop Lippie Stix in Flawless (PHP 300+ from local online sellers; USD 5 from the official website) to get the party started.

Quick Specs: 1.0 g / 0.0352 oz ; made in USA


Amount of product you get from Lippie Stix

Eight Things About ColourPop Lippie Stix Flawless:

  • The white stick-type packaging is something I’m more accustomed to seeing on eye shadow sticks, but it does give the lippie stix a distinct look. For convenience, the color of the lipstick can be seen on the base, so you can store it with the end sticking out. It’s a twist-up lipstick with a snug-fitting cap that closes with a resounding click, thus avoiding any accidents in the bag. The color of the lipstick is also the color of the twist-up mechanism, making it a nice design touch as well.
  • According to the ColourPop website, the Flawless can be described as, “Deep red violet in a satin finish. It legit woke up like this.” Can I just say how I love the tongue-in-cheek attitude they have when describing their colors?
  • Anyway, Flawless could be a is a 98% dupe for MAC Rebel. I’ve tried both, so I’ve been able to make the comparison. Color-wise, Flawless looks just a teeny bit more fuchsia, but blink and you’ll miss it. Both have satin finish, but I find Colour Pop to have less sheen and moisture than Rebel. The closer to matte the better, in my opinion. Finally, ColourPop looks more opaque in two swipes.
  • There was a slight drag when I applied the lipstick, but I’ve experienced worse.
  • Stubborn me didn’t want to spring for a lip liner, but it sort of worked out. The formula doesn’t feather, though I feel like it defines lip lines just a little. I applied the color to my lips like a regular lipstick, then worked the edges with a lip brush. No problems there. On another occasion, I just used the tip of the lipstick to help create the outline. Again, no trouble for one with a steady hand.
  • Pressing the lips together will cause the color to migrate slightly to the corners of the mouth, but it’s not so obvious unless you scrutinize. After eating, it leaves a slight stain and a lipstick ring around the lips. Hurry and re-apply!
  • Once given time to set, I get two hours of comfortable wear before chapping begins. Despite the darker color, I didn’t get any on my teeth. After the two-hour point, the color is still full, but the moisture is out.
  • Aaaaah, it’s time to talk about that controversial scent. To me, I’m getting a mix of Tempra Forte and Vanilla. (Tempra Forte was a flu medicine in syrup form given to me as a kid. It had an artificial berry flavor.) While I don’t love the scent as I associate Tempra with being ill, I get immune to it quickly. Can’t say the same for others, though.

Left: MAC Rebel; Right: Colourpop Flawless Lippie Stix

Warning: Don’t twist the lipstick all the way up like I did! It didn’t have any trouble retracting, but the stick did get caught in a corner, causing some of it to scrape off and collect on the side of the tube. Sadness!

Verdict: The scent is the biggest con, but I can manage to ignore it. The biggest pro is the color diversity that ColourPop offers, something I prioritize these days with my expanding lipstick collection. Overall, Flawless was a hit for me. It came as a surprise, since I’ve been reading mixed reviews on the Lippie Stix. Did I luck out with this color and formula? I have another shade in a different finish that I’ll be trying out soon. We’ll see how consistent quality is, then.


8 thoughts on “ColourPop Lippie Stix in Flawless

  1. But we don’t get Autumn here :)) I want to try a pumpkin spice latte, dammit!

    Medyo mahal pala sya for how much you’re getting per tube pero ang ganda kasi eh. This one looks amazing on you!

  2. This is a great berry shade – looks great on you! Thanks for the warning about not twisting it all the way up – I always have this urge to do so with my lip products, don’t know why! And I have no clue that Tempra Forte is so I guess I’ll find out when I order these… I hope I like flu medicine taste! 😛

  3. I can’t wait to get more. (such a hoarder!) I don’t have Rebel yet, but they do really look similar! I like the matte formula. Two shades I have at the moment are Lumiere & LBB. I pre-ordered the Back to Cool Lippie Stix set! *gasp* I agree about the scent but it’s something I can tolerate because the formula is nice. Glad that it doesn’t linger! 🙂

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