Nivea Creme

Bloggers, what is the longest you’ve had a draft stewing on your computer? I periodically delete drafts for entries that just didn’t make it, and I was shell-shocked to find that I had something festering away for over two years. The story behind my review for Nivea Creme is that I wanted to be able to compare the German-made one to the one sold locally (from Thailand). It took me a while to find German Nivea, and then the review just didn’t happen. Oh well, I’ll have to review them separately and come up with comparisons later…

Nivea Creme

Quick Specs: 150 ml ; available in smaller sizes ; made in Thailand


Now, what’s all this talk of Thai- vs. German-made Nivea? Creme connoisseurs argue that the best Nivea Creme you can get comes from Germany as the formula is supposedly richer than its Thai or Mexican counterpart. Die-hard fans go as far as to order German Nivea Creme in specialty stores. Not sure if it has to do with the amount of lanolin alcohol (aka Eucerit), Nivea’s star ingredient. So where would you like your “creme” to come from?

Fun Fact: The Nivea Creme that can be found in Dubai is manufactured in… Germany!


  • Nivea Creme is so widely known that it’s readily available in drugstores and groceries.
  • The formula is versatile and can be used on both face and body.
  • I use the thick cream only at night on my ashy elbows and ankles. Next morning, the skin feels smooth and hydrated. How can it not be? The cream is so darn thick!
  • Despite the classic scent, I don’t associate Nivea Creme with the older generation. It smells clean, like a powdery floral, and you can never go wrong with that.
  • Nivea Creme could be a more affordable alternative to certain brands of deep moisturizing body butter.


  • The iconic blue tin is a welcome sight with a marvelously vintage feel. However, that same charming quality can also be its downfall. In hot weather, some of the melted cream tends to leak out of the sides of the tin. It can feel icky and cause the lid to open during travel. Leave it at home.
  • Since the consistency is so thick, applying onto the skin can cause slight dragging. It’s best to warm up the cream on the palms to minimize drag.

Verdict: I have used this both for my face and body, and I prefer to to use these thicker types of moisturizers on my extra dry patches. It’s ideal for cold weather or those who stay in air conditioned rooms for long periods of time. The formula might be too sticky for exposure to daily Philippine weather, so night use is ideal.


7 thoughts on “Nivea Creme

  1. […] Nivea Creme – As a polar opposite of Nivea body serum and lotion, Nive Creme is the thickest body moisturizer I’ve ever tried. I’ll admit to having trouble blending the stuff onto my skin. I even pored several tablespoons of body oil to thin the formula out. Too much to slather all over for tropical weather, so a tin of Nivea lasts forever after only being used on elbows and ankles. […]

  2. I also have a draft of this product in my drafts folder, haha! I also use this on the areas of my skin drier than most particularly on my legs. 🙂

  3. “older generation”? But this smell reminds me of babies! I haven’t been using mine very often though. The whole “peel back the foil cover, dip finger, and gingerly tuck foil back into place” thing is just too much drama for bedtime

  4. I love the smell of this – it’s so nostalgic!
    I remember where there was a lot of talk about only buying the German-made kind of Nivea creme! So I tracked one down at some dusty beauty supply place. I kept it in the fridge and have barely used it. I really should get it out and use it up!

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