Laneige Essential Care Trial Set Light

I don’t know what’s changed in me, but I seem to be coming back to my voracious reader self these last two weeks. Does it have anything to do with my e-book reader suddenly going on the fritz, thus forcing me to pick up physical copies of books? Maybe. But I’m glad for these simple indulgences.

Speaking of indulgences and obsessions, I’ve been treating my skin to a luxurious Korean beauty and skincare line these last two weeks. I was fortunate enough to “inherit” a Laneige Essential Care Trial Set (PHP 1950) from Tellie, who was in the process of packing up for her Korean adventure when we last hung out. (To see her review of this same set, click HERE.) I figured I’d share my own experience, since we possess different skin types. (BTW, I have combination skin.)

Essential Care Trial Set (Light)

What you need to know beforehand is that the products that make up this six-piece trial set is actually a combination of stuff from three product lines, namely Cleansing, Basic Care, and Water Bank. Good to know that different lines can be mixed and matched to form a tailor-fitted Laneige routine, whereas some brands are stricter on the emphasis of picking up products from only the same line. It has to do with ingredients clashing and causing negative reactions. From my experience, the products did not counteract with each other, much to my relief.


Now, let’s do the breakdown:

Multi Cleanser

Mild on the skin and mildly foaming, the Multi Cleanser has a shower-fresh baby cologne scent (not unlike Johnson’s Baby Cologne in Rain that I used as a child) . The lather it produces is quite flat, almost milky, but activates eventually through vigorous rubbing between palms. There’s the slightest hint of a gritty texture, so that’s the exfoliation claim proven.


Light Power Essential Skin Refiner

aka “Toner”. The Skin Refiner feels just like water and is just as refreshing. When I say water, I mean that it doesn’t dry me out at all and has a short-lived cooling effect.

The scent of the products from here on in becomes like a light floral cologne. I appreciate it, as this is relaxing enough without piling on the heady essential oils.


Light Balancing Emulsion

The last time I used something with the same consistency as the Balancing Emulsion was when I had me a bottle of cleansing milk. Without the accompanying literature, I might have mistakenly used it as such. If you’re not much into the layering methods of Korean skincare, you’d get the impression of a watered down moisturizer. However, do not underestimate the emulsion as the skin just drinks it up without feeling slick or sticky. It’s a nice additional layer to have.


Water Bank Essence

Laneige Water Bank Essence feels more like a “gel cream” than the Water Bank Gel Cream does. I’ll get into that later, but my skin definitely feels coated and significantly dewy at this point.


Water Bank Gel Cream

As I said, the gel cream description feels more suited to the Water Bank Essence. That’s because Water Bank Gel Cream is drier, denser, and clings to the container for dear life. I’m getting the vibe of a silicone primer already. Perhaps its the velvety, balm-like texture that’s not something I’m used to incorporating into nighttime skincare. Rich creams are more my speed.


Water Sleeping Pack_EX

Surprisingly, the Sleeping Pack feels lighter than the Gel Cream. Yet again, this feels more like a gel cream than the Water Bank Gel Cream does. (What the heck?!) I’ve tried a sleeping pack before that was so thick it felt like a mask, so this light, almost jelly-like formula in contrast is something I warmed up to immediately. I’d even consider using this as a regular night cream.


Verdict: As a whole, the Laneige Essential Care Trial Set has been a clever way of getting to sample three product lines at once without the major commitment of spending PHP 1,000+ per bottle. I don’t think you need the entire range, so this is your chance to pick and choose your favorites and only purchase full sizes of those.

My three favorite products would have to be the Power Essential Skin Refiner, Balancing Emulsion, and Water Sleeping Pack_EX. The first two are on my purchase list as they are easily absorbed, and I like that they can go under a moisturizer from a different line. (Let’s hope they perform just as well in tandem with a moisturizer from a different band.) Also, the refiner and emulsion are the ones that’ll get the most use from me, since they are comfortable on the skin for day (even under makeup) and night. My least liked product was the Water Bank Gel Cream. It’s not just me getting OC over the name/description. While it’s supposed to lock the first couple of products in, I just didn’t appreciate the velvety texture.


6 thoughts on “Laneige Essential Care Trial Set Light

  1. […] The consistency of the product is reminiscent of a watered down hair gel, but it turns liquid once sprayed. (See photo below.) The resulting mist isn’t all that fine, admittedly, but it dries into nothingness anyway. When sprayed on the hand, there’s the lightest tacky feel. I don’t perceive the tackiness on the face, unless I spray too much. The scent is a light floral cologne, similar to Laneige Water Bank Skin Refiner. […]

  2. […] Laneige Essential Care Trial Set Light – I got these at their halfway point, but there was certainly enough product in each container to give me a solid impression of the line. I even repurchased the Sleeping Mask (not in photo, I refilled the container for travel). For the record, the first to run out was the gel cream. That was followed by the Water Bank Essence and the Skin Refiner (toner) on the same day. Finally, it ended with the Multi Cleanser running out after a few days after the Balancing Emulsion. […]

  3. I’ve been looking for a travel size Water Sleeping Pack EX for the longest time but the Laneige girl told me to try the Water Sleeping Mask, the “improved” WSP-Ex. I ended up not buying because the regular size is too big and I have yet to find out if it suits my oily, acne prone skin.

    • I was looking to purchase the full-size Sleeping Pack EX, and I was heartbroken to find out that they have reformulated it already into the Sleeping Mask. I was so reluctant at first, since I know that the earlier version is tried and tested already. Ended up getting the Sleeping Mask when I swatched and it seemed to feel the same. Will start using this week… Let’s see how it fares.

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