UNIQLO Offers Fashionable Fleece Options for 2015

‘Fleece’ to meet you? Oh well, I tried. Haha. Not-so-witty wordplay aside, I’m waiting for the current rainy weather to subside into something more legit holiday chilly. (I was told that it almost always rains on November 1. Hmm, interesting tidbit. I guess the wait extends until after Halloween, then.) And what better way to anticipate than to shop for some cool weather wear over at a UNIQLO event held in SM Aura Premiere?

Uniqlo, fleece on fleek

The lesson I learned that afternoon: Fleece isn’t just for winter! Okay, I was skeptical at first as well, but then a celebrated Philippine fashion icon explained it. Duh, makes so much sense. Here’s a recap of what took place:


Fashion powerhouse and super-stylist, Daryl Chang, discusses the concept behind the fleece-featured outfits she styled

Despite the tropical heat, there are a lot of situations where fleece articles of clothing do come in handy. It’s just a matter of zeroing in on when you’ll get the most use out of it. Here’s an example:

Bundle up for travel — layer Uniqlo Ultra Light Down over fleece

The most obvious scenario is when you’re jetting out of this country and into another one with a much cooler climate. Think… Hong Kong in January or Korea, China, and Japan during the -ber months. These countries are all in the same continent, but the latter three enjoy four seasons. It’s not so unlikely that a seat sale will take you to any of those places, so you’ll need to stay warm. Also, airports and planes are so chilly!

Rugged Adventure

Now that we’re talking about travel, what about those moments where you have to stay comfy and warm on an outdoor activity. Imagine going on a trip with your best buds up to Baguio, Sagada, or even just Tagaytay for some hiking. You an always stay toasty while going “hipster chic”.

Corporate A/C Dressing

The most common scenario has got to be power-dressing in an air-conditioned office. Look put-together while you ‘work it’, but that doesn’t mean you ought to freeze to look good. Furthermore, layering a dress over a thin fleece top results in a whole new ensemble. No need to worry about recycling dresses.

It’s cool to stay warm at the movies 

Lastly, fleece can be worn on a chill night out. We’ve always brought sweatshirts or shawls to the movies, because of the air-conditioning; but donning a fleece top or bringing a light fleece jacket is sufficient.

Andi and Olive

After Miz Chang’s talk, Andi Manzano came on-stage with her hubby, GP Reyes, and their super-cute baby, Olive. Their basically the Uniqlo fleece family come to life. Watch the video below to see a short interview:

Once the program was over, it was time to have a look at the fleece articles that’s been so highly talked about. Did you know that Uniqlo has an expanded collection of extra warm fleece that provides 1.5*C more warmth? They’ve also come up with a multitude of ways to incorporate fleece into an ensemble, be it coat, jacket, or top. The preconception that you won’t be able to re-use your fleece will be shattered, once you see just how comprehensive the collection is.

Plain and patterned

Gingham and Plaid

Polka Dots and more Gingham

Women’s Printed Fluffy Fleece Long-sleeve Coat

I think I’m developing a serious thing for houndstooth

Aaaand, let’s not forget the trying-on…

My Chuvaness moment

Soft and furry fleece piece

Check out UNIQLO’s major stores located in SM Aura Premiere, SM North Edsa, SM MoA, and SM Megamall to see the complete collections, designer collaborations and winter gear included.


*I was invited to the launch of UNIQLO’s fleece collection and was given a fleece piece to try out. I was not otherwise paid or compensated for this post. Opinions expressed are entirely my own.


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