Laneige Water Sleeping Mask

You try the sample. You become a believer. You buy the full size. This doesn’t always happen to me as high prices or negative experiences can stop me dead on my tracks, but there are a few golden products that quiet my inner skeptic. Laneige Water Sleeping Mask is one of them.

Water Sleeping Mask

When the Korean brands started taking over the local beauty scene, I went crazy right alongside the K-Pop fans to get my hands on the cutting-edge stuff. That was back in 2012, by the way. I got turned off them, because my perpetually sleep-deprived student self didn’t appreciate elaborate skincare routines that I simply didn’t have the time to slap on. Then I discovered the undertones of colored makeup and realized that I had been mistakenly using pink-undertone BB creams for years instead of the correct yellow. (And have you noticed how the majority of Korean BB creams are either pink-toned or too pale? Arg.) But why has the prodigal child returned?

I have an earlier post reviewing a Laneige travel set that my friend, Tellie, let me try out. In the end, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of testing the products at deluxe sizes for over two weeks, instead of the bitin (shorted) time period for tiny sachets. I definitely allot more time to my skincare routine these days, so I can afford to luxuriate on multi-level skincare sets.


Quick Specs: 70 ml / 2.3 fl.oz ; made in Korea

Four Things About Laneige Sleeping Mask:

  • The container, though all-plastic, has a certain heft. It’s like a high-end version of a tub of moisturizer. I like that a spatula is included already in the box for hygiene. The jar is sealed, and it’s a challenge to pull on those tiny tabs that cling like you wouldn’t believe. I nearly broke a nail.
  • The Sleeping Mask feels like a light gel-cream that isn’t sticky. It has the scent of a light floral cologne.
  • This is where Laneige has impressed me so. That gel cream texture isn’t something you’d put all your faith in until you feel your face the next morning, post-wash. It’s soft, plump, and smooth. Alone, it can be used as a moisturizer by itself. I’ve had a small container in my bag that I use as an emergency moisturizer. Of course,  it’s real purpose is to layer over nightly skincare products as a final moisture barrier, and it serves that purpose best.
  • Compared to the old formula, the Laneige Sleeping Pack_EX, there are no major differences I could discern. The new formulation is greener in color, whereas the old one is blue. In terms of scent, I think the new one has a stronger fragrance, but it might also be possible that the old one has lost some of its scent over time and multiple scent-therapy whiffs.


Verdict: If there’s something to get me hooked to Korean skincare brands, this type of product would be it. It’s exactly how you’d imagine their skincare would work in the best case scenario. It even helps maintain moisture in autumnal weather.


4 thoughts on “Laneige Water Sleeping Mask

  1. […] Laneige Water Sleeping Pack (sample size) – I’ve had the pleasure of using both the original version and the reformulated version. (This is the original version.) The newer one is supposed to be more moisturizing, but it didn’t feel all that different. Quality and effect is consistent, though. I wake up to soft, bouncy skin. I’m actually halfway through my full-sized jar of the reformulated version. […]

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