Waxing at Brow Lounge

The removal of unwanted bodily hair is by no means a fun process, but there are some service providers who make the experience somewhat less traumatic. I happened to visit Brow Lounge in SM Megamall for their competitive pricing on waxing / sugaring, and the experience has been a good one.

Previously, I’ve only ever done cold sugaring, so I wasn’t sure what to expect with the warm wax service that Brow Lounge offers. I was nervous all over again, since it was my first time to get warm wax done professionally. At home, I’ve tried warm wax as well, but fear took over and I chickened out.

Brow Lounge, SM Megamall

Waiting area

BTW, can I just say that I’m annoyed at how salons label their yank-based hair removal? Everyone just seems to label it as a “waxing”, but then you come in and they explain that it’s all-natural sugaring. Huh? To be perfectly clear, waxing means resin-based formula, whereas sugaring pertains to a cooked sugar-and-lemon mixture. Quit mislabelling, salons!

Hallway to the private rooms

Anyway, back to the experience. I actually had little to worry about. The full process only took 15 minutes, from prep to finish. The warm wax with strips covers so much more ground, so the sensation of pain goes by faster as there are less “tries” involved before successfully completing an area. Again, warm wax is just as painful as cold, but covers more ground so it’s just quicker. Less to endure.

The wax heater looked a little worn, but the other wax session products looked clean and new

As for service, the attendant was friendly and professional. I was at-ease with her ministrations.  She made sure to ask if it was my first waxing and if the temperature of the wax was okay. The only con I have for the service is that the attendant would blow on the wax-dipped spatula. Isn’t that a bit unhygienic? Other than that, it was pretty much smooth sailing.

Verdict: Overall, I think I will be going back to Brow Lounge for future waxes. The prices are competitive, and I was put at ease by the chic interiors and the well-trained attendant. Just maybe remind her to wave the spatula around in the air instead…


For more information on Brow Lounge’s services, visit their Facebook page HERE.


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