When We Go Back to Our Roots

November has been an… exciting month, to say the least. I came from a long vacation, went through some shopping drama (blog post on that later), and also pretty much broke down from exhaustion. I’ve been spending the last two weeks recuperating, thus the reduced number of blog entries. (Sorry!) It all came to a boil two days ago when I started to get digestive/stomach problems.

Get to the nitty-gritty after the jump… *Warning: This post is about stomach stuff and the medicine I took, so don’t read if you’re easily grossed out.*

I’m not sure exactly what I ate or did, but I started suffering from diarrhea two days ago. I thought it was just kabag (stomach cramps caused by flatulence) from the air conditioning in my room. But then it didn’t let up and the appearance of the stool went beyond what I usually got from kabag. It went from loose bowels to oily liquids.

It definitely didn’t help that I was recovering from a cough and suffering from acid reflux simultaneously. It was like the itching I got at the back of my throat lead to strong coughs that brought the bile up. The hyperacidity totally killed my appetite, and it might’ve caused the diarrhea as well. Either that, or I ate something strange. All the same, I was suffering.

So anyway, I thought I was already doing okay yesterday despite getting a few lightheaded moments. I made the mistake of leaving the house to run errands. It all went south, and I had to come home in a hurry as the diarrhea went from oily to pure liquid. I couldn’t hold anything down, and I had zero appetite. I probably went to the bathroom some ten times that evening. I was only able to take in Gatorade and water, but that stuff went out as quickly as it went it.

My grandma gave me a loperamide capsule. It seemed to work for a little bit, and I was able to eat some palabok (rice noodles) and puto (rice cakes), but it went back to frequent bathroom breaks after thirty minutes. Eventually, she instructed my mom to give me some Chieng Loh Yih.

Trumpet Brand Seirogan Pills

Chieng Loh Yih aka Seirogan is a Japanese anti-diarrhea herbal medicine that was the bane of my childhood existence. It smells and tastes of pure soot, and you have to take three pieces after each meal. It tastes the way I imagine the remnants of an arson would. Eeeep. But I was desperate.

Bitter Lumps

In a nutshell, I think Seirogan actually worked for me. The frequency of the bathroom trips quickly and gradually reduced through the course of the evening. I was able to sleep a few hours at a time. I even woke up in the wee hours to eat a sandwich. By the next morning (today), the bowels were not liquid anymore and my appetite has returned to a semi-normal state. That is, I don’t feel like I can eat whatever, but at least I can hold down a regular meal. I still took Seirogan three times today to help me get back to normal.

I’m not saying that this will work for everyone, but I just wanted to share about something I was skeptical of for the longest time until I read all the testimonies and experienced it for myself. See the Amazon.com reviews HERE. (From reading reviews, I realized that a lot of the current Seirogan users, like me, took the pills in their childhood and rediscovered them as adults.) Even more interesting is the history behind this product. (Did you know that the original kanji characters used to spell Seirogan translated to “Conquer Russia Pills”? Find out why by reading up on the history of Seirogan HERE.)

Do you know of any stomach soothing cures and remedies? Please share them here!



5 thoughts on “When We Go Back to Our Roots

    • Too true. Whenever I smell it, a feeling of dread comes over me. I didn’t know the technique before (you have to wash it down with water asap) and the stuff would sit in my mouth. It made me dry heave.

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