Bobbi Brown Bellini Mini Lip & Eye Palette

This may not be much of a secret to my shopping buddies, but my Christmas wishlists in the last couple of years have always included at least one holiday palette from Bobbi Brown. It is my definition of great value for a high-end brand. From their year-round offerings, you can already find powerfully flattering colors that their well-trained makeup artists recommend to tailor-fit your features and skintone. Now add to that the sensation of the amped up holiday season in the Philippines and the release of a carefully curated palette featuring Bobbi’s Famous Neutrals. Perhaps now you’ll understand why I decided to treat myself to Bobbi Brown Bellini Mini Lip & Eye Palette.

Bobbi Brown Bellini Lip and Eye Palette

So sleek, it reflects the sky

Quick Specs: Regular Eye Shadows at 0.7 g / 0.025 oz each (x3) ; Metallic and Sparkle Eye Shadows at 1.4 g / 0.05 oz each ; Lip Gloss at 4 ml / 0.13 fl. oz. ; shadows made in the USA ; gloss made in Canada ; palette assembled in the USA


Ingredients Part 2

Ingredients Part 3

The sleek, shiny black-and-silver packaging embossed with a very regal-looking ‘B’ is something to stare at, though that same glossy plastic does make it prone to phantom scratches in the purse. In the past, Bobbi’s mini palettes have had a vertical/lengthwise presentation. I much prefer this year’s horizontal/crosswise opening for purely OC reasons. Previously, the mini palettes included only three shadows, but they also featured lip colors in a pan. This time around, the palette includes one lipgloss and five eye shadows in a variety of finishes that represents the brand’s popular shadow types. I like the idea of five shadows and a detachable lip gloss, since the whole palette will expire slower in the long run. The lipsticks usually go bad first, so you don’t want to be left with perfectly good eye shadows on one end and funky-smelling pans of lipstick on the other.

I’m a bit averse to palettes that include black or black-gray shadows. I’m not super confident in using them, so a palette of browns always wins in my book. Bellini Mini Lip and Eye Palette features three mattes (light/skintone shade, medium, and dark), one metallic, and one sparkle shadow. Bone is the matte base that looks a little warmer than I’d prefer, though it just disappears once you layer other colors over it anyway. Sable is a matte medium ash-touched brown. Rich Brown is the color of dark cocoa powder. The metallic Golden Pink is basically a rose gold, and the opalescent white with pink and gold pigments of the Blazing Star sparkle shadow features shimmer pigments that are chunkier and sparser than with the metallic or shimmer finishes. (Blazing Star registers as just pink and gold pigments on the skin. The whitish base doesn’t show up.) For my separate review of the Bellini lip gloss, click HERE.

Swatched: Bone, Sable, Rich Brown, Golden Pink, Blazing Star

Consistent with Bobbi Brown eye shadow quality, the ones found in this holiday palette have the same color-packed pigmentation and buttery feel that’ll satisfy long-time makeup users. They go on smoothly with little or no fallout, and they blend together with ease. I’ve tried using a slightly damp brush, and the powder doesn’t form lumps. I don’t use eyelid primers, so the shadows are fully creased on me at the six-hour mark.

Wearing Bone, Sable, Rich Brown, and Golden Pink


Verdict: I’m glad that I waited until this came out. I love almost everything about this palette, from the increased number of shadows included (more shadows means more different looks!) to the combination of finishes that allow me to sample without committing to full-sized pans just yet. Still praying they improve longevity on all their eye shadows, though. Once they do, it’ll be pure perfection.


4 thoughts on “Bobbi Brown Bellini Mini Lip & Eye Palette

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  2. This looks great! I’m a fan of brown/warm eyeshadows too. I’ve been recently trying out silver eyeshadows but it’s still out of my comfort zone haha.

    Would love if you check out my blog! Just followed you on instagram 🙂
    Raincouver Beauty

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