Beauty Influencer’s Sunday Column Vol.20: ​​Name 5 powder eyeshadows every eye makeup wearer should own

Name 5 powder eyeshadows every eye makeup wearer should own

SHEILA | Canada | Maddy Loves
I don’t use single shadow pans because I’m not super creative so I prefer pre-made palettes. I absolutely love Tom Ford eyeshadow palettes, specifically Nude Dip! All of the colours in that palette work very well together, and the quality of the shadows are also exceptional. If I could have one neutral palette for the rest of my life, it’d be the Shu Uemura Shu:Palette that comes with 16 neutral-toned nude shades. I’ll leave it at that because that’s already more than five!

MATROMAO | Philippines | FoodWorldMe
1. Skintone-colored eyeshadow neutralizes your eyelid color and acts as brow highlighter. Tip: Bobbi Brown offers a wide selection of those.
2. For lazy, no-blend/contour days, a medium shimmer shadow provides effortless definition. I go for pink/purple/bronze shimmer shadows.
3. A medium matte shadow is for subtle contouring or creating a gradient effect for a smokey eye.
4. Get a dark matte shadow for a smoldering smokey eye look.
5. For a little something extra, pick up a sparkle shadow. The light-reflecting pigments are bigger than a shimmer shadow’s. It especially enlivens matte shadows and smokey eyes.

TRACY | USA | Swaybeauty
I think everyone needs an all over lid color,  crease, outer corner, liner and blending shade. The shades of course will differ based on skin tone. For me they are Burberry Pale Barely, Stila Kitten, Bobbi Brown Cognac and MUG Frappe.  The blending shade was the hardest for me to find because you want to one that is just a tad darker than your skin tone and one that isn’t too cool or too warm. MUFE Milk Tea is perfect for blending out harsh lines and adding a slight shadow to my non-crease for definition.

LILY | Malaysia | Chloe Ash
This is quite a tough one. I’ve been wearing Burberry Pale Barley a lot, so that’s my first pick. Another that I’m loving is actually a quad but let’s just say it counts as 1 :-) Chanel Tisse Rivoli is all love!Lunasol eyeshadow quads are also amazing. You can get them here(delivers worldwide) and with code CHLOEASH, you get 10% off your purchase.

An underrated affordable powder shadow would be from The Balm. Theirs are pigmented, soft and buttery. Last but not least, Urban Decay powder shadows. Some are misses, but generally, they’re great.

JAA | Thailand | Hello Jaa
Oh this is a hard question! But my recommendations are MAC Knight Divine (gorgeous smokey silvery-gray with a hint of brown, MAC Satin Taupe (the “good for everything” color!), MAC Bamboo(perfect crease color for me; it brightens up my eyelid so well!),Burberry Midnight Brown (rich, saturated brown with a lovely, buttery texture), and Urban Decay Buzz (a pretty, shimmery pink from Naked 3).

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