Seowoo 3S Pre-glued Lashes

I honestly never thought I’d wear false lashes again. The last time was for a fashion show where my designer friend called on members of her family and posse to model her mom’s statement necklace creations. We got free makeovers with lashes and all, and that was that. Beyond that sparkling evening, there were no more formal events that warranted faux lashes. I’m not the type to wear them for a night out, so the Seowoo 3S Pre-glued Lashes (PHP 250) I received last year from thebeautyjunkee’s anniversary bag sat in my vanity for over six months before the time finally came to bust them out for a wedding.

3S Lashes


Quick Specs: made in Indonesia; latex-free

Majestic 3S Lashes

First, the basics. I have the Majestic variant of pre-glued falsies from 3S. This pair has thin strands with only a subtle variation of length among the hair strands. The hairs are in alternating length distribution, to make it look more natural. Together with a spare pair of pre-glued strands, 3S lashes are wonderfully convenient and reusable.

Application is fairly easy, though it takes a certain level of good estimation to stick it in the precise spot on the first try, especially if you don’t handle falsies regularly. The glue is a thick, gummy strand of a double-sided tape type. It sticks like a mother and that same stickiness can cause the lash strands to spread out a little, so detaching it from your fingers/tweezer to your lid definitely takes patience. I got it right on the second try, and the adhesive still worked like a charm in spite of my lids which were heavily powdered with eye shadow. Just don’t take too many tries to get the job done. A lot of eye shadow ends up on the glue at every yank-off, so it’ll ruin your look and the adhesion of the lashes.

Close-up Shot; I curled my (real) lashes and added one coat of mascara before applying the false lashes slightly above the lash line

For my eye shape, semi-monolid and none too wide, it was quite a comfortable fit. I didn’t have to trim the lashes, though you can if needed. The thin lash band also didn’t feel itchy or heavy. It actually felt like I didn’t have anything intrusive on, except for a slight weight on my eyelids and seeing the curtain of long lashes fanned out at the top of my vision. The glued strip is black on the outside, so it looks like I already have eyeliner on.

Wear time is impressive, based on the faux lashes I’ve tried in the past. I had them on from 6pm-1am, and the lashes did’t come off until I slowly pulled them off. Considering I had heavy eye makeup on, you’ll understand why it’s earned my respect.


At the end of the night; hair has pooffed up, but the lashes persevere

Verdict: I wouldn’t think twice about repurchasing, if I had another formal event coming up. I hate fussing with lash glue, so I appreciate the powerful adhesive already attached to the strands. This had me at ‘convenient’ and ‘comfortable’. 3S Lashes have been a great, non-traumatic experience for someone who doesn’t know how to fiddle with falsies.

Buy them at BeautyMNL and Beauty and Minerals.



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