Evas Vitamin Hand

Sometimes I have an existential crisis with regards to hand cream. When is it a hand cream and when is it a lotion (perhaps masquerading as a hand cream)? I’ve always assumed that hand creams were thicker/richer so that they could coat the skin on the hands better, but the hand lotions I’ve been using lately have noticeably been lightweight and/or non-greasy. So is it really just a name? That’s something to ponder.

Meanwhile, here’s another lightweight hand cream in the form of EVAS vitamin hand (PHP 139 at Watsons).

Quick Specs: 100 ml ; made in Korea

Doesn’t the packaging remind you of a certain brand of vitamin-infused, fruit-flavored water? It’s attractive in the sense that it brings to mind an I’m-doing-this-for-health mentality. I appreciate the hygienic seal, though my tube wasn’t crimped/pressed properly on the side. It’s starting to peel off and I can see the lotion inside. Luckily, there’s still a clear plastic layer. The lotion is contained safely inside.

The scent is standard lemon for bath products, but with a slight sweetness like lemon-flavored candy. It doesn’t linger for long. There is a moisturized, mildly greasy sheen on the skin that is completely absorbed and gone by the time I wake up.

Verdict: The EVAS formula may appear to be light, but there is enough moisture to cause my hands to slip occasionally on door knobs. Because of that slippery factor, I’d recommend this be used at night. It isn’t as rich as others, but it gives a decent amount of moisture. Just not the heavy-duty type, though.

What makes a hand cream? Share your thoughts below.


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