Kolours Dual Conditioning Hair Color

Remember when I had my hair color done professionally at Vivere Salon, Gateway? Aaah, those were the days… Inevitably, it’s the roots situation that causes even the nicest dye job to begin to look unhinged. But rather than doing a drastic sudden return to my natural color, I wanted to enjoy lighter hair for just a little while longer. My solution was a DIY root retouch using Kolours Dual Conditioning Hair Color in Thai Tamarind (PHP 256) to give the top of my hair an ombre effect as I gently transition back to black.

Kolours Hair Color in Thai Tamarind


Quick Specs: contains 50g creme colorant tube, 70ml color developer, 2 sachets of after-treatment conditioner, 1 pair of plastic gloves, and an instruction leaflet in English and Filipino; product of the Philippines

Kolours kit contains…

I held the root touch-up off for so long that I was left with over an inch of regrowth. Let’s put it at two inches, then. I was about to attend a formal event, so I had to just buckle down a couple of days before and deal with the “root” of the problem. (Pun intended!)

With the use of a plastic bowl, a salon poncho, and a dye applicator that I have at home, I set about dumping only half of the colorant and developer on my plastic bowl. Mixed the stuff thoroughly, then sectioned my hair with clips. Afterwards, I just proceeded to applying a generous amount of the dye on the roots and then going back and massaging the formula onto my hair (NOT my scalp) with my gloved hands. For the back of my head, I stood in front of a mirror and had another full-length mirror positioned behind me. I let the color sit for close to an hour, though do this at your own risk. The instructions don’t advice you to leave it on for longer than 40 minutes, maximum.



Results: For my first ever DIY root touch-up, it’s not so bad. However, seeing as I was all by my lonesome from start to finish, The roots in the front area framing my face and the roots at the top of my head were more saturated with color. I managed to get the top of the crown of my head, but there are still some dark strands underneath. You won’t notice it unless you scrutinize, and that’s good enough for my formal event.


Verdict: Kolours has a reasonably priced DIY boxed hair color. It’s a thrifty solution, since I’ll still get another root touch-up out of my kit. On the roots, the formula doesn’t dry my hair out more than the other hair dye kits do. I haven’t used this from root to tip, so I can’t definitely comment on if the formula will dry the hair strands out. The usual chemical scent is there, but not particularly stronger than other brands. I like that they are being marketed with Asian hair in mind, so the color selection and the projected results feel more realistic.



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