Schwarzkopf Osis Blow & Go Thick Express Blow-Dry Spray

In my conservative school, we were not allowed to put on makeup. Pressed powder and lip balm were the most we could get away with. As with color cosmetics, we had the same strict rules that applied to hair styling. It was expressly written in the rule book that hair gel, a huge deal in the 90’s, was not allowed on girls and boys. There was a gray area on hair lotion/shine, anti-frizz cream, and shine serum, so we scraped by on those. As long as the hair product didn’t have too much hold or produced too much of a wet look—again, a 90’s thing—then the teachers could turn a blind eye.

All this talk of my student days makes me think of the advanced hair products that are currently out in the market. Just for my guy friends, there are special pomades, putties, and waxes. For the ladies, I’ve seen salt sprays, dry shampoos, texturizers, root lifters, and so on.  It makes me wonder if the more discerning teens of today have caused the school to either ease up on the rules, or expand the list of hair product no-nos to a magazine. (I gotta ask  some of the students that still go there!)

Where was I? Anyway, because of those rules, I didn’t make it a habit to explore hair products until much later (aka last year). So when I got Schwarzkopf Osis Blow & Go Thick Blow-Dry Spray, it was basically my time to start learning and playing.

Osis Blow & Go Thick Spray

Quick Specs: 200 ml ; made in Slovakia


The simple, non-aerosol clear spray bottle is as straightforward as it gets. With its packaging, you can closely examine the product and notice that the consistency is thicker then water, somewhere between liquid and gel. When the bottle is shaken, the bubbles move up slowly.

According to the instructions, the blow-dry spray must be applied on damp hair. Then you can proceed blow-drying as usual. It is meant to make hair feel drier quicker.

To me, it comes across as lightly scented with chamomile, so it could help freshen up hair. The spray itself, when tested on the back of the hand, does offer a slight stickiness. It makes me think of a very light hold gel or hair spray, probably helpful when the blow-dried hair is settling or setting. As for volume, I’ve managed to get some near the roots for an effect that makes hair look lighter. This lasts for a couple of hours. However, I do think that a secondary product for setting (e.g. serum or balm) is still required to support the low hold on Blow & Go Thick. Apart from the slight volume, it doesn’t add any noticeable features to my hair style. It doesn’t look shiny or wet afterwards, so at least hair doesn’t look gunky.

Does my damp hair feel immediately drier? Um… not really, but it seems to function well as a hair prep spray.


Verdict: I have ridiculously thick hair already, but I still appreciate the mild volume this adds to my roots. It feels like my hair is bouncier and more aerated. By the way, if I were back in high school, the teachers totally wouldn’t have noticed that I had this on.



5 thoughts on “Schwarzkopf Osis Blow & Go Thick Express Blow-Dry Spray

  1. Hm. I was expecting some heat protection from the name. They might be relying on the denatured alcohol for the quick drying part? Although you mentioned that it doesn’t have much effect. But at least it adds volume

  2. Wow. Your school is strict!

    Anyway, this sounds like something I would like. My hair is thick and dense, too but it’s flat on the roots. I just hope it’ll work with an electric fan instead of a blow drier, haha

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