Olay Total Effects Pore Minimizing CC Cream

After trying out BB Creams, I decided to lay low with the other double-letter face bases, because they developed at such a rapid pace that I couldn’t keep up without hoarding a whole bunch of products. I only got back into the loop starting with CCs, when I spotted a tube of Olay Pore Minimizing CC Cream in Light (20 g tube regular price PHP499) on sale at a grocery store.

Quick Specs: available in 20 g / 50 g sizes ; made in Thailand


I got the smaller 20g tube of Olay CC Cream, because I prefer to buy the smaller sizes of products I don’t have much experience with. If I ended up not liking it, at least I wouldn’t be left with such a huge amount to finish. The tube is a simple twist-off cap, and the size is ideal for a small makeup kit.

Just because I haven’t bought and used so many CCs, doesn’t mean I don’t have a basis for comparison. On several swatching trips, I’ve tried plenty of CC Creams, and I’ve often been put off by how chalky-white the skin looks afterwards. I even purchased The Face Shop’s Smart Capsule CC Cream back in 2013, but had a hard time figuring out how to use it properly. (Apparently, you just need a teeny-tiny dot spread over red areas, though the smart color-changing technology still always made my skin pinker than necessary.) Olay came as a surprise, because it actually got my coloring right

Left: Swatched of (Top) Olay and (Bottom) The Face Shop Smart Capsule CC; Right: Blended

Inside the tube is a lightweight, lightly-scented CC Cream that spreads easily and gets absorbed quickly. The effect is a subtle overall brightening and evening of the skin. The cream dries immediately upon application and doesn’t affect the finish of other products you use underneath. Meaning, it’ll stay matte if your base is matte, or it’ll stay dewy if you put it on over moisturizer. The CC Cream itself doesn’t add hydration/moisture to the skin, nor does it cause makeup to last longer. It does, however, make foundation or BB Cream’s work easier by already lessening discolorations beforehand. I usually have to use two layers of light-to-medium coverage foundation to see the redness gone, but Olay CC Cream had me down to just one coat.

On Your Left: Bare skin; On Your Right: Olay CC Cream

On Your Left: Foundation over bare skin; On Your Right: Foundation over Olay CC Cream

Compared with other CC Creams, Olay doesn’t have much of a white cast. Although perhaps it has more to do with the much higher sunscreen levels in the other CC Creams I’ve swatched. Olay’s is only at SPF 15, so I have to use a watery base sunblock underneath for daytime use. There’s also the matter of Olay having a beige/neutral undertone versus other CCs that usually come with a pink undertone (ehem, Korean brands, ehem).


Verdict: Would I repurchase or get the bigger size? Yes. Like I said, this is the first one to come close to my skintone without turning it too pale or too pink. I like that the brightening effect of Olay Pore Minimizing CC Cream is subtle enough that you could wear it around the house or on no-makeup makeup FOTDs with no one the wiser. It’s a nice “secret skin booster” to have around.


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