Essence I Love Stage Eyeshadow Base

~Just a quick note: Happy Chinese New Year!!!~

For the longest time, I’ve stubbornly used my pore eraser as an eyelid primer. It’s partly because I try to avoid product redundancy and partly because I’m playing the cheapskate game. It’s actually not recommended to use the product on the eye area, so I was using it at my own risk. But now I want to be a tad more legit with my eyelid primer choice. I nabbed Essence I Love Stage Eyeshadow Base (regular price PHP 229) on sale just last week, and I’ve been using it everyday since.

Essence Cosmetics I Love Stage Eyeshadow Base

Quick Specs: 4 ml / 0.13 fl. oz ; made in Poland

Is it Essence I Heart Stage, I Love Stage, or I ❤ Stage??? Symbols on the names drive me a little crazy, because I am hell-bent on getting it right. But that’s the only confusing thing about this eye primer. The thick plastic tube with doe-foot applicator is practical and compact enough for stuffing into the beauty kit.

Doefoot Applicator

Usually, eyelid primers are fairly translucent and velvety, but Essence eyelid primer goes quite the opposite way. The eyeshadow base is a thin, slightly creamy, tinted liquid. It has an orange-beige color that has enough coverage to act as a concealer, but I would only recommend using it as such for those who have a skintone that actually matches its color. Meaning, I don’t use it as a concealer, because it doesn’t go with my yellow tone. On the lids, it works just fine as the setting powder and eye shadow I layer over it neutralizes the orange-tinge. The level of pigmentation on this lid base also provides an even-toned blank canvas in preparation for eyeshadow application.

Left: Swatched ; Right: Blended

The most important question: Does it extend the longevity of eyeshadow? While it does not completely prevent creasing on my shadows of average staying-power, it does lengthen the wear time a little bit before it starts to crease. I get an extra 2-4 hours before I start to notice creasing on the inner corners, and I’m counting my blessings on this one. For oilier lids, you’ll get a little less time. Does it enhance the pigmentation of shadows? So-so. I didn’t feel like there was a significant amount of extra cling of the powder pigments.

On the lids

Verdict: Essence Cosmetics Eyeshadow Base is the affordable lid primer for those who prioritize evening out the color of the skin on the eyelids. It’s a distinct choice, since most shadow primers are more focused on making the eyelids smooth and dry rather than adding color.

BTW, the SA informed me that these are on sale at PHP 150 until the end of the month.



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