Milani Stay Put Brow Color

What is your brow color medium of choice? That’s an interesting question, isn’t it? Back when I was beginning to learn about makeup, there was only just the pencil you had to sharpen and the occasional brow powder in a tiny compact. Now, I find myself shopping for brow powder pens and brow creams. Different mediums, but double the fun? For those who enjoy tinkering with their brows, it’s quite an adventure. I’m currently experimenting with Milani Stay Put Brow Color in 03 Medium Brown (USD 7.99 / PHP 380 in

Quick Specs: 2.6 g / 0.09 oz ; made in the USA with non-US components

Ingredients and Instructions

It’s a set that comprises of a simple glass jar of the brow product and a dual-ended applicator with a slanted brow brush and a spoolie. Milani, thank you for making it easy! I don’t want to have to think of getting a separate brow brush just to apply this. Though there were no store testers when I bought mine, the photo chart of hair colors with their corresponding Milani brow color matches proved to be accurate.

The included spoolie is the firm-bristled type.

The formula is like a wax-cream type. I haven’t tried other brow waxes/pomades to be able to compare, but Stay Put Brow Color definitely has a waxy feel to it. It applies lightly, but the color is buildable. When applied lightly, the shade Medium Brown has a yellow-brown look. When layered thickly, a slight reddish-brown tint comes out. It is ideal for my colored hair that’s going through a transitional phase into natural black. Both formula and brush are ideal for use in brow contouring, because I can achieve definition without looking too harsh.

Milani sculpted brows while posing with a giant mushroom

I’ve never had any trouble with the longevity of most brow products, but Milani does go the extra mile. Once set, the color does not budge even when rubbed. I learned that the hard way when I swatched it on the inside of my wrist. As promised, it is waterproof and long-wearing. When it comes time to take it off, a cotton pad soaked with micellar water pressed over the brows for a few second loosens it up without much effort.

Verdict: Milani’s Stay Put Brow Color reminds me why there are treasures to be found in the drugstore aisle. I’ve never felt the need to splurge on brow products as most drugstore ones do the job well, but here’s one that exceeds expectations.


3 thoughts on “Milani Stay Put Brow Color

  1. This seems awesome! I have yet to try the Anastasia one. I already have one but haven’t tried it yet. I will soon though! If ever I like using cream/gel brow products, then I’ll try this one next! 😀

    PS: WOW at that giant mushroom!

  2. hoping that you put up a “how I do my brows” tutorial using this gel brow liner! Oh yeah, do you think gel brow liners can be used as actual eyeliners as well? just a thought 🙂

  3. I have the same product but mine was too dry it was so hard to pick up the product. I am not sure if that is the real consistemcy, I am thinking that I might have bought an old stock but there is no expiration dated noted, so it was a fail for me and I have shelved Milani stay put brow color but I love the brush that comes with it.

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